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Drone Spare Parts and Parts for RC Quadcopters

Anyone involved in flying RC Quadcopters, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Drones as they are more commonly known will need a constant access to Drone Spare Parts and RC Quadcopter Parts.

Whatever level of flying experience you are at or whether you fly Toy Grade Drones, Hobby Grade Drones or professional Aerial Photography Drones, access to parts is a must.

Extra Batteries are a requirement for all RC Models, Drones, RC Cars, RC Boats, RC Helicopters and RC Quadcopters. The batteries on these models traditionally last a short period of time usually between 5 and 15 minutes so extras will extend your enjoyment.

Spare Drone Propellers, Blades are another must have requirement as these are one of the most likely Drone parts you will break. Fortunately most RC Quadcopter Drones are supplied with a set of spare propellers or blades as standard, but we recommend you buy a couple of spare sets.

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Propeller Protectors and Guards

Propeller Protectors and Guards

Drone Propellers protectors and guards are another highly recommended item. For beginner Drone Flyers they are an absolute must have and experienced Drone Flyers use them for indoor flying. If you are teaching a youngster to fly then you must ensure the RC Drone is fitted with a propeller guard.

They protect the craft, persons, property and pets. To not have them fitted is irresponsible. The blades on some of the Drone models spin extremely fast especially in the Micro Drone class and can inflict serious damage so please keep safety in mind at all times. The blade guards are not expensive to buy so there are no excuses.

Balance Battery Charger

If you progress to flying larger drones with more powerful batteries Drone Flyers recommend you invest in a decent balanced battery charger like the iMAX B6-AC B6AC Lipo NiMH 3S RC Battery Balance Charger. Often the Battery chargers sent with Low Cost Drones are not top quality and can shorten the Drone battery’s life cycle.

Propellers Blades

Propellers BladesRecently a number of 3 Blade Propeller sets (2 clockwise and 2 counter clockwise) have been produced. These propellers have been designed to give the RC Drone Quadcopters more thrust, there is however a trade off. Owners using the 3 leaf propellers on the Hubsan X4 range of Micro Drone have reported a considerable drop in flying time as the motors drag more energy to drive the 3 Blades.

Drone Flyers have a number of sets which we tested on a number of Micro Drones and found them extremely brittle and they didn’t deliver any noticeable flying difference. We as yet to test the 3 blade propellers featured below, these have been made for the Syma X5C RC Quadcopter Drone and will also fit the JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter Drone.

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