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Drone Layout And Quadcopter Layout

Are you looking for quadcopter layout to build a fpv? In this article, show you drone layout chart and an example helping you to know what’s should you need and how to connect all the components.

Quadcopter Layout Basics

Quadcopter layout
Quadcopter layout

Image credit: fpvdronereviews

As you see above quadcopter layout, taking the fpv as a example, there are many parts you should purchase when building a quadcopter.

Frame: First, you have to make a decision that what’s the class size of fpv you want to build, 180mm or 250mm? After that choosing the right frame, which should be enough strong and has a good resistance to mill, without crack, can hold all other parts. That’s very important.

Power system: The power system include motors,escs,battery and props. The source of power to lift your quadcopter in the sky and fly by your control. They work with each other and make interaction effects. Therefore how to choose the suitable power system have become more important. In this article: Quadcopter frame and lipo battery and motor and propeller size matching table , can tell you what’s the best.

Flight controller: FC for short, it’s the brain of your quadcopter, just like our human brain could determine every function about FPV. They can take many types, but fall into three categories: sport flying, cinema flying and autonomous flying. Depending on your choice of FC, various function is available to your quadcopter. There are many flight controllers on the market, what’s the different? Look at this article flight controllers comparison, you will know more about them.

Other parts: Above are the main parts, but beyond that, there are some basic components you should need. Radio transmitter & receiver, battery charger, OPD, power cable etc. For full experience, you need more parts including camera, goggle, spotlight led and receiver controlled light switch etc. All the full parts list in this article: Main FPV Drone Parts List You Need

Drone Layout Example

Mini drone layout: Real FPV
Mini drone layout: Real FPV

In order to seek a better understanding of how to build a drone base on the quadcopter layout, show you above real fpv image so that you can understand it better.

Take another faster fpv reaching 145 mph as example, configurations are below

Video credit: SyFly

How to build a drone? For ance you have mastered above that you will be able to build it. Believe in yourself and all be patient.

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