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Drone News from around the Globe | Latest Drone News Stories

Here is committed to bringing you the latest Drone News from around the world. If any readers have any interesting Drone News stories then please mail us and we will gladly review them and publish them. Tell us about your flying experiences we also love to hear news on flying any of the models we recommend. We always look forward to hearing from you and we will do our very best to keep our valued readers updated with all the latest Drone developments and breaking Drone News stories.

2019 has already been hailed as The Year of the Drone. These are exciting times for toy, hobby and professional Drone Flyers and keeping abreast with it all this an extremely demanding and time consuming task. It is however something we are so passionate about we relish this task with unrivalled enthusiasm.

Latest Drone News Stories

Why we are so passionate about Drone News

The Drones featured on this site are mainly low cost toy/hobby grade Drones ideal for beginners and experienced fun Drone Flyers. This is the space we work in because we are 100% confident of evaluating these models as we fly them on a daily basis. We also closely monitor the professional Drone market participating on Drone, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Multi-Rotor and Quadcopter related forums. The RC Groups is a fantastic mine of information.

We actively participate on Social. We are subscribed to some of the very Best Drone Review YouTube channels and are in daily contact with some of the very best Drone reviewers in the World. We spend hours each day reading Drone News stories sent to our mail box from Google Alerts.

We have extreme fun flying all the models featured on our site and I personally get an immense amount of pleasure seeing young Drone pilots from 9 years old upwards competently flying these amazing unmanned aerial vehicles. My friend 2 year old Grandson is already using remote control cars and he absolutely loves Drones and Quadcopters. He has already been up in a small Helicopter flying along the beautiful Brazilian coastline and it his love of these flying machines that got me involved in this nascent industry. I often go out flying small Drones with him and it wont be long before he is flying Drones himself. It is this that spurs me forward.

Why you should read Drone News

By bringing the best Drone News to you we hope it will inspire you to take an active interest in this rapidly developing industry. Get your children involved in it, prepare them for the future, those with experience of Drone Flying and persons who take the time to learn the many aspects of Drone technology will have a very bright future. The demand will outstrip the supply. Please enjoy it yourself and I’m absolutely loving it.

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