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Dji Goggles Specs And Features for Mavic, Phantom and Inspire

Dji Goggles was announced on April 24, 2017. DJI Goggles can sync with the Mavic Pro via DJI’s OcuSync transmission system, while the Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Advanced, Phantom 4 Pro, and Inspire 2 drones can connect via the controller’s USB port. Such optimization product, what’s about Dji Goggles Specs And Features?

Dji Goggles specs

The DJI Goggles can be worn comfortably with your specs with zero issue. You can even flip up the Goggles quickly to glance at the real world before getting lost again in your shot. There are manys specs about Dji Goggles, below is the key specs:

WeightGoggles: 495 g
Headband: 500 g
FOV85 (single screen)
Screen Size5 inch ×2
Screen Resolution3840×1080 (single screen: 1920×1080)
Video Downlink Resolution1080p 30, 720p 60, 720p 30
Video Downlink Latency at least110 ms (Mavic Pro, 720p 60, video format: 720p 120)
150 ms (Phantom 4 series, 720p 60, video format: 720p60/720p 120)
140 ms (Inspire 2+X5S, 720p 60, video format: 1080p120)
190 ms (Inspire 2+X4S, 720p 60, video format: 1080p 60)
Max Operating Time6 hrs
SensorsGyroscope, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor
DJI goggles specs and features

Dji Goggles features

  • DJI Goggles combines a pair of large ultra-high-quality screens, high-quality optics, low latency transmission,long-range and low-latency wireless connectivity, and direct control of photo and video capture.This creates full HD 1920×1080 resolution per screen, providing more than twice the amount of pixels of a typical 2K display. The screens inside the DJI Goggles promise 720p at 60 frames per second and 1080p at 30 frames, with latency as low as 110ms.
  • Fully Immersive Experience, DJI Goggles makes navigating the internal menu system simple, providing easy access to key intelligent flight features such as ActiveTrack, TapFly, Terrain Follow, Cinematic Mode and Tripod Mode.
  • Head Tracking control. Perhaps the coolest feature is the DJI Goggles’ Head Tracking technology, which allows pilots using a Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 series aircraft to control the aircraft using simple head movements to control both the aircraft yaw and camera tilt. You can control the yaw and camera tilt with Head Tracking Flight mode and remote controller sticks. Turn your head left or right to yaw the drone left or right.

Dji Goggles test review

DJI give casual drone users the changes to fly using the DJI Goggles for the first time anywhere. Experience this incredible new way to fly along side them.

Video from ‘We Talk UAV’

Where to buy Dji Goggles and price?

Want to get such good DJI Goggles for your drone? how much about Dji Goggles? It’s priced $449, You can order Dji Goggles on DJI store but it’s limited amount available for presale now, they will be available soon to purchase.

Download Dji Goggles documents and Manuals

Dji Goggles documents and Manuals download about user start guide and safety as below,

DJI Goggles documents and Manuals User Manual

DJI Goggles Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines

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