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Diy heavy lift quadcopter cheap and reliable

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Are you looking for how to diy heavy lift quadcopter? Maybe you are new to the drone world, in the process of gathering the parts for build a heavy lift quadcopter over 10 lbs. And waste a lot of time on research and Youtube, want to get some ideas of how to build a heavy lift quadcopter.

Generally a quadcopter can lift 2-4 lbs, such as DJI phantom 4 can carry 1.02 lbs with flight time 25-28 mins. For this reason, we make this article and recommend some importance parts for diy heavy lift quadcopter.

Diy quadcopter it all depends on your needs, AUW and budget. Therefore you should know what’s your need such as AUW, then choose all the parts for it. If you plan to make an octocopter, you should read this post How to make an octocopter.

diy heavy lift quadcopter



Heavy lift quadcopter frame

We do not know what’s your requirements, but we can recommend some heavy lift quadcopter frame to you as below.

We do a lot of research of frames, from DJI to Carbon Core and found below the best so far.

Tarot 960 Foldable 6-Axis Hexa-copter Carbon Fiber Frame


  • Payload: 3.5kg
  • Weight: 1050G
  • Tube diameter: 25MM
  • Distance from motor to motor: 960MM
  • Frame diameter: 1000MM
  • Main plate: 210 x210 x2.0MM
  • Material: Japan TORAY 3K carbon fiber
  • Motor installation space: 16MM/19MM/25MM/27MM equilateral triangle installation

Tarot 960 heavy lift frame


DJI S900 frame


  • Payload: 4.7Kg ~ 8.2Kg
  • Weight: 3.3Kg (FLIGHT PARAMETERS)
  • Frame diameter: 900mm
  • Motor: 41×14mm 400rpm/V kv 500W
  • ESC: 40A 6S LiPo
  • FOLDABLE PROPELLER: 15×5.2inch
  • Hover Time: 18min (@12000mAh& 6.8Kg Takeoff Weight)


Heavy lift quadcopter motor and props

For lift heavy weight, to achieve better results you’ll have to come up with a bigger motor , lower kv and bigger prop setup. At the same time, choosing hight power will give you a sufficient power to lift a small camera + a gimbal, specially with a 4S setup but don’t expect great flight times.

Difference sizes of motors and props are suited for difference frame’s requirements, which sizes you should purchase? it depends on your frame. The best way is that check out your frame datasheet, which will list all specs of others parts (motor, props, esc, lipo battery),such as DJI s900 frame specs list as below:

DJI s900 frame specs datasheet

Though we can not list specific products but we can recommend some best brands of motors and how to choose props for you.

 For motor brands , please check out this article: How to get the best quadcopter motor brands?

 For props , please check out this article: How to choose the best propeller for quadcopter

Conclusion for diy heavy lift quadcopter

It’s good thing for learning that spend quite a bit of time tweaking or diy heavy lift quadcopter. If you have enough budget you can chooose the best brand of quadcopter all parts. One tip is that you need to research the laws of your country, do not allow break any laws, that’s very important for you.

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