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How to choose the best transmitter for fpv quadcopter

Transmitters are among the most crucial components of your FPV quadcopter. but How to choose the best transmitter for fpv quadcopter? For this reason, they need to be selected keenly if at all the quadcopter is to perform to perfection. This is because the transmitter you choose determines how clear the images you get are. After all, why would you want to design an FPV quadcopter that takes half-baked photos?

Which are the best transmitters for FPV quadcopter?

Flysky FS-T662.4 GHz20 model memory

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-Has extremely low power consumption and high receiver sensitivity
-It also includes all important features and programmable parameters for supporting various helicopters, gliders, and airplanes.
– It is able to store 20 models which facilitates saving of numerous flights.
Spektrum DX6i62.4 GHz10 model memory

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-It is very easy to program with mode 2. Comes with No receiver.
– Allows for Airplane and helicopter programming
Spektrum DX882.4GHz30 model memory

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-It is a great transmitter for intermediate as well as advanced users.
-It Works well with simulators.
-It’s also Easy to program.
-Comes without a receiver
Turnigy 9X92.4 GHz20 model memory

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-Comes without fail-safe option which makes its module somehow risky.
– The price is not bad for its quality.
Orange T-Six62.4 GHz20 model memory

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-It is fully programmable.
-It is also a Compatible transmitter
GoolRC FS-T662.4 GHz20 model memory

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-It has extremely low power consumption.
– The memory storage allows the user to save numerous flights.
ARRIS AT992.4 GHz20 memory model

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-It is Preloaded with a glider and multi-rotor modes.
-It also comes with a very easy and straight forward setup.
-Its upgradable firmware through USB is quite impressive.
In-depth analysis of each transmitter:

Flysky FS-T6 Transmitter:

Flysky FS-T6 Transmitter

With 6 channels, this 2.4 GHz transmitter is quite effective. It is an awesome product for beginners who want save several bucks on the overall cost of their quadcopter. With a 20 model memory, it is arguably the best 6 channel transmitter in its category.

Spektrum DX6i Transmitter:

Spektrum DX6i Transmitter

This is yet another great transmitter for your FPV quadcopter. Given its features, you will definitely find it impressive. It is a 6 channel transmitter with a 10 model memory. With 2.4 GHz, its performance is quite reliable. And yes, it is very easy to program in mode 2. If its features and quality is anything to go by, you can trust it. The price is also quite convenient considering its quality.

Spektrum DX8 transmitter:

Spektrum DX8 transmitter

This is yet another awesome option you could use. With 8 channels, it is most suitable for advanced as well as intermediate users. And yes, being a 30 model memory transmitter, it also works with perfectly with simulators. It is an easy transmitter to program.

Turnigy 9X Transmitter:

Turnigy 9X Transmitter

This is yet another great transmitter you could use for your FPV quadcopter. Given its price, it is quite affordable. However, I would not advise you to use its included module for various reasons. Instead, you could purchase one from some other trusted company. The module lacks fail-safe option which not only makes it unsafe but also results in the destruction of your quadcopter in the case of a crash.

Orange T-Six transmitter:

Orange T-Six transmitter

Almost similar to Spektrum dx6i, it is funny that its price is half that of Spektrum. However, for anyone looking for quality gimbals, it might not be the best one in the market. However, if you are looking for something cheap and simple, this is what to go for.

GoolRC FS-T6 transmitter:

GoolRC FS-T6 transmitter

This is an awesome transmitter for your FPV quadcopter. With an extremely low power consumption and impressive storage memory, it is quite reliable.

ARRIS RadioLink AT9 transmitter:

ARRIS RadioLink AT9 transmitter

Arris comes with 9 channels which make it a reliable transmitter for your FPV. If you are looking for something programmable, look for it.

What factors should you consider when getting the best transmitter for FPV Quadcopter?

To get an awesome transmitter for your FPV quadcopter, you need to ensure that it fulfills several parameters. Yes, for a transmitter to qualify to be the best, it needs to have numerous features which are quite crucial. These factors include.

    • 1. The number of channels:

The number of channels available in your transmitter determines how well you can control your FPV quadcopter. With the normal transmitters having about 4 to 9 channels, the more the number of channels, the more control you have. The least number of channels should be 4 so that it can help you control at least four movements. With four channels, you can control throttle, left or right turn, forward or backward pitch and left or right roll.

As for the transmitter with 5 channels, it gives you an opportunity to switch between two available flying modes. This makes flying your quadcopter even better and more advanced. With most quadcopters coming with manual, stabilize, training and guided flying modes, some of these modes require your quadcopter to have GPS. And yes, for your FPV quadcopter to have GPS, the transmitter needs to have adequate ports.

    • 2. The appropriate mode:

This is yet another factor that you need to consider when purchasing a transmitter for your FPV quadcopter. Quadcopters transmitters have either mode 1 or mode two. The mode available determines the features you can control on your quadcopter with both of your hands.

Mode 2 allows you to use the right hand to control the pitch and the rolls while the left-hand handles the throttle and yaw.

As for mode 1, your right-hand controls throttle and ailerons while the left hand controls the rudder and the elevators. For that reason, you need to choose the mode you feel comfortable with which is determined by the transmitter you choose.

    • 3. Frequency:

Building a quadcopter without an FPV, choosing the best frequency is a snap. However, when it comes to the building of FPV quadcopters, you need to be extremely careful with the frequency you choose. You need to obtain two frequencies for your FPV quadcopter i.e. one for video and another one for radio. To get the best frequencies, you need to understand several thumb rules. For instance, higher frequencies will require smaller antennas and the vice versa.

    • 4. The price:

The price is also another important parameter you could use to find the best transmitter for your FPV quadcopter. The price could, however, be misguiding at times. For that reason, you need to ensure that the price is convenient. This does not necessarily imply that you should go for the cheapest or the most expensive. The price needs to be consistent with the features the transmitter has.

Will my FPV equipment work with my FPV transmitter?

This is a question expected to frequent your mind every time you are down working on your quadcopter. It all boils down to compatibility. Perhaps the question should be;

how compatible is my FPV transmitter with the other equipment? Although most manufacturers choose to sell it all in a package .i.e. the transmitter and the equipment, you need to ensure that you test for compatibility before you can embark on testing your quadcopter.

Which is the most appropriate frequency?

This is yet another question that will keep popping up whenever you are working on your FPV quadcopter. 5.8 GHz is the most frequently used. Given its impressive penetration ability, perhaps it is the most suitable. However, you could also use a higher frequency if you deem it fit for your quadcopter.

Which is the most appropriate power level?

This depends on various aspects. However, although there are some limitations to the amount of power one can use on various countries, it is possible for one to use as much power as they wish provided their transmitter can handle it.


In a nutshell, when getting the best transmitter for FPV quadcopter, you need to ensure that you choose it wisely. Armed with this information, I believe that you will be able to select an awesome transmitter. All you need to do is ensure that it fulfils all the factors.

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