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How to choose best motor for 2.5 inch cinewhoop FPV?

What is cinewhoop?

CineWhoop drones are typically small and light, with ducted propellers that contribute to their smooth flight. They are made for cinematic filmmaking, especially indoors and in confined settings. Although pre-built CineWhoops are growing widespread, DIY-built CineWhoops still make up the majority of the drone market. These drones are part of a very specialized and seldom sub-group that are created for secure and efficient cinematic recording.

The positive aspects of a Cinewhoop

  • Safe indoor flying with additional safety provided by propeller guards
  • Ability to fly slowly and smoothly, perfect for getting unhurried cinematic shots
  • Due of their reduced size and weaker components, they are cost-effective.

The negative aspects of Cinewhoop

  • Although steady cruising is one of my strong suits, it’s not the best option for freestyle maneuvers.
  • slower and less agile than standard freestyle drones
  • shorter flight periods as a result of the combination of an inefficient propeller motor and additional weight.

How to choose best motorfor 2.5 inch cinewhoop FPV?

What is the best motor size for 2.5 inchcinewhoop FPV?

From 1106 to 1408, numerous build variations have been created and rigorously evaluated to determine the optimal motor and propeller combo. 1106 could fly, but the loss of power is apparent and they become quite warm. With some high pitch props, you can race and freestyle without worry, but they only guarantee 3-4 minutes of intense flying, which is really not the very final aim of this frame. 1408 is clearly overkill for Cinewhoop. However, you are aware of your capacity.

The 1305 and 1404 motors tested have the best balance. They provide the highest level of efficiency while still having sufficient power to move about with ease. If you prefer quick hovering, the 1305 are marginally superior, while the 1404 are the finest for long, cinematic shots. The frame was initially only intended to run on 4 seconds because 3 seconds wouldn’t be able to provide enough power, but the reality is a little different. Due to its effectiveness and portability, Cinewhoop can already fly up and down a building and hop from one tree to another. It’s also quite silky. When you switch to higher pitch props from low pitch, efficient ones on a 4S, you gain some additional power that you will likely not use and additional battery sag. In the end, the choice is determined by the pilot’s preferences.

1404 motors

The characteristics of 2.5 inch cinewhoop FPV motor

The 2.5-inch cinewhoop FPV drone motors need to be equipped with the following characteristics and performance:

  • Lightweight: The 2.5-inch cinewhoop FPV drone is relatively small and therefore requires a lightweight motor so as not to compromise its flight performance.
  • High torque: When flying a cinewhoop, it needs to adjust its direction quickly in a compact space. Therefore, the motors required for a 2.5-inch cinewhoop FPV need to provide high torque for better control.
  • High efficiency: A high efficiency motor can provide longer endurance and more stable flight performance, and also reduce battery consumption.
  • Low noise: A low noise motor reduces environmental noise and improves the reliability of the overall system.
  • High output power: 2.5-inch cinewhoop FPV needs a strong enough output power to cope with complex flight tasks in various scenarios.

In short, the motor required for 2.5-inch cinewhoop FPV needs to integrate features such as high efficiency, light weight, high torque and low noise to meet the user’s needs and provide an excellent flight experience.

Recommendation of MEPS SZ1404 motorfor 2.5 inch cinewhoop FPV

Advantages of MEPS SZ1404 motor

  • Powerful & Efficient – Deliver high power with low amp draw, making them perfect for micro drones.
  • Durable & Lightweight – Built with qualitied materials to ensure durability, while being lightweight for improved agility and speed.
  • Low Noise & Vibration – Designed to run smoothly and quietly, providing a more enjoyable flying experience.
  • Precise Control & Handling – Linear throttle output and smooth handling for precise control and handling.
  • Perfect for Micro Drones – Designed specifically for micro drones, offering a perfect fit and exceptional performance.

1404 motors

If you want to read more, please click here: https://www.mepsking.com/sz1404-fpv-motor.html

Specifications of MEPS SZ1404 motor

  • different KV value

When 1V (one volt) is delivered to a motor without a load (such as a propeller) attached, “KV” denotes how many revolutions per minute (rpm) the motor turns.MEPS SZ1404 motor has three different KV value including 2900kv, 3800kv and 4600kv. For example, a 2900KV motor powered by a 3S LiPo battery (12.6V) will spin at approximately 36,540 RPM without propellers mounted (2900 x 12.6). KV is typically a rough estimation specified by the motor manufacturer.

  • Trust

It is crucial to make sure the motors you choose can produce roughly 50% more thrust than the drone’s actual weight for all types of multirotor. The drone won’t take off or perform as you expect if the combined force of all of its motors is less. Even with a light breeze, your brushless drone motors must be steady and operational. Drones with a high thrust to weight ratio will be easier to maneuver and accelerate more quickly, but they will be harder to control.

The thrust to weight ratio of a racing drone is much higher than that of a typical multirotor. A 5:1 thrust to weight ratio is suggested for racing drones. Keep the thrust to weight ratio between 3:1 and 4:1 if you wish to use your drone to take steady, calm aerial photos.Here is KV’s study on MEPS FPV Space Motor SZ1404’s trustworthiness.

SZ1404's trustworthiness

  • Materials Details

MEPS SZ1404 motor is equipped with stainless steel hollow shaft which combines light weight design with exceptional strength, and N45SH arc magnet which has exceptional balance and stability.

MEPS SZ1404 motor with stainless steel hollow shaft

  • Basic Parameters

You can find specifications like “9N12P” listed on the box when looking for MEPS SZ1404 motors. Here is what the figures indicate: The number before the letter “P” denotes the quantity of permanent magnets in the bell, whereas the number before the letter “N” denotes the quantity of electromagnets (poles) in the stator. More poles means Smoother performance. Fewer poles means Increased power.

Basic Parameters

  • Product Size Chart

MEPS FPV Brushless Motor SZ1404. The stator’s diameter, in this example 14 mm, is determined by the first two numbers in the series. The last two numerals in this series are “04,” therefore the stator unit is 4mm tall. They describe the stator’s height.

Size Chart

Matching recommendation of MEPS SZ1404 motor

  • Beta95X V3 Frame Kit
  • Gemfan D63 Ducted durable 5 rotors 2.5 inch
  • BetaFPV Toothpick F405 2-4S AIO FC20A V4

The above frame, rotors and FC can match the MEPS SZ1404 motor.


Finally, Cinewhoops are the ideal option for shooting gorgeous, cinematic aerial footage. The best motors for you will rely on your unique needs among the many that are available and each offers distinctive features.

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