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How to charge a lipo battery for the first time

charge a lipo batteryLipo battery have become an essential part of drone, but if you do not know how to charge a lipo battery for the first time, you come to the right place, here will tell you that how many amps and C rate charge your lipo battery for the first time.

As we know, the imporper user or charge of lipo battery have resulted in serious damages and waste. Generally, there are a few ways to know how to charge your lipo battery. One way is that contact the lipo battery manufacture for the information or go on their website to check out how to. Second way is that leave your messages on forum or polit’s Facebook, they alway will reply you eagerly.

However, you do not like to take a lot of times to search or collect them on internet, for this reason, we will list all about these informations to help you know how to charge a lipo battery for the first time.

How many amps for charging a battery for the first time?

One point is that you should never charge a new lipo battery or place it in your rc hobby to do a balls to the wall performance checking flight. Because a new lipo should be a few cycles with lower rate before using or charging them.

How to charge a lipo battery for the first time

How many cycles should do for the first time?

Someone said that maybe have to do 5 cycles on it, then using it after each of the first few low discharge cycles.

In my experiences, the IR of lipo battery is still coming down after 5 cycles even as many as 10 cycles, therefore you will have more better flights from a battery with 10 cycles on it than with 5 cycles on it.

How many amps for charging a battery?

Charging amps is depended your lipo battery brand and capacity, therefore it’s very important in chosing the best lipo battery for your hobby. such as, Gensace lipo battery can be charged at up to 5C but not every brand can to do, as well.

1C charge rate is the standard safe rate, what it mean?

Typically, a 1c charge rate is going to charge a lipo in around an hour, no matter the cell count or capacity.

For example:

If you have a 5000mAh lipo battery.

Easy what to calculate C is take the capacity and devide by 1000. So your pack 1c would be 5 amps ( 5amps=5000 / 1000 ).

Again, if you have a 2200mah battery, it has 2.2 amp hours, and a 1c charge rate on it would be 2.2 amps

When can I step up to more than 1C ?

As we know, in battery safety instructions is that 1c charge rate is the standard “safe” rate.

Many batteries can be charges at more than one c though, it really depends on the battery. do note though that high amperage charging can damage the cells and reduce the number of cycles the battery will hold. 1c is best.

Using 1C to charge 5000mah lipo battery, it would be 5amps, but use 5C charge rate on it would be up to 25amps ( 25=5*5 ) , this means that if you subject a new pack to very high discharge rates then its internal heat dissipation will be high and may well damage it.

Therefore, we suggest that the best way is using 1C charge rate on your lipo battery.

How do I know when it is charged?

Generally,the charger you bought will stop charging when the voltage hits 4.2 per cell, it can chase the voltage until it reaches the voltage, it is no need to worry about that.

But it is depended the brand of charger. A quality product make out customer confident and convenient. Some best battery chargers are listed below for you.

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lipo battery charger

Charge a lipo battery safety instructions

First few flights, Some brand of battery recommends no more than 3-5C average discharge for breaking in new packs. Also be extremely careful not to over discharge new packs.

5 tips looking after quadcoper lipo battery for you, one of tips is that lipo battery should NEVER be over discharged at any time, but over discharging on the first flight will ruin the battery permanently before you are able to enjoy it.

LiPo batteries do not warn up enough during a normal charge for a temperature sensor to provide any benefit.

Please leave your messages and let us know if you have any questions about charge a lipo battery listed above!

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