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Having a motor that is too large will be heavy, and a motor that is too small will perform poorly or burn up.How to choose right quadcopter motor?This will include information on the RPM, thrust and power.A great formula of Thrust required is Required Thrust per motor = ( Weight x 2 ) / 4,Also, the battery and ECSs must be chosen to effectively drive the motor/prop combination.Here share to you what other experienced pilots use and buy the same or similar equipment,if you are beginner and interested in quadcopter diy,might find these post useful.quadcopter motor selection just one question which often is asked,Here will give you answer and more stories about quadcopter motor will be share,Welcome to here!

Show popular FPV build list that helps to build your own fpv at home

build your own fpv

How to build your own FPV quadcopter at home by yourself ? Such as fpv 180 – fpv 250 etc. Here will post some popular / community FPV build list and easy quadcopter build guide that helps you to make a small fpv quadcopte easily. The initial phase is the most difficult, but it will become easier and easier over …

FPV250 build – How to make a quadcopter (part 3)

FPV250 build

Last post we list all the parts for fpv250 build,when you are ready for anything,let’s begin step by step to build your own fpv 250 mini quadcopter.You maybe so excited. If you do not know what parts combination do you need to build a quadcopter,Look back at FPV250 build – How to make a quadcopter (part 2).Parts List for FPV250 …

FPV250 build – How to make a quadcopter (part 2)

FPV250 build

FPV250 build is not too difficult. If you just got into FPV Racing, and looking to build your first FPV250 mini quadcopter, this post should be useful for you. It will tell you how to make a fpv 250 mini quadcoper step by step. How to make a quadcoper part 1 was telled you how to begin before you making …

How to choose the best propeller for quadcopter

best propeller for quadcopter

We can not neglect this plastic piece of propeller though it’s very cheap but very important. How to choose the best propeller for quadcopter is a kind of knowledge and the most basic. That suit is best that best suits you, So we have to choose the right one not the dear or cheap. please step by step . What’s purpose of building quadcopter? …

Brushless motor prop calculator for diy quadcopter

Brushless motor prop calculator

About brushless motor prop calculator for quadcopter, Generally you will get suggested prop value in brushless motor specification, motor and prop are very closely related. Here is some calculators about RPM & Thrust & load weight and a simple example of its applications are given, if you want to know please go ahead. Quadcopter RPM calculator RPM=KV * V For …

Components of quadcopter what parts combination will work with each other


Components of quadcopter will be introduct to you and what motors \ ESC \ propellers and battery combination will work with each other. Here post some basic tips of selecting parts combinations for quadcopter and trying to put everything step by step. Here i am trying to put everything together for you. Let’s begin. Purpose of building one quadcopter Before …

Quadcopter one motor slower than other 3 motors solution

quadcopter one motor slower

It’s inevitable for people to encounter various difficulties and yield sense of frustration in flying quadcopter. some are sample some are complex, such as many peoples run up against this problems: quadcopter one motor slower than other 3 motors,when the APM and test.It’s difficult to solve.but you maybe solve it when you finish reading this article. Phenomenons of quadcopter one …

Simple formula about quadcopter weight calculator and thrust calculator

quadcopter weight calculator

If you have a micro quadcopter but really getting interested in the lifing capabilities of quadcopter and plane to build your own quadcoper. Maybe you have some questions about quadcopter weight calculator and thrust calculator? and what’s kind motors and propellers would I have to buy and be able to lfit? Today I will show you a simple way about …

How to choose motor for quadcopter 2016

how to choose motor for quadcopter

If you want to diy one quadcopter,have to choose all best parts for combination,how to choose motor for quadcopter is very important, If the thrust provided by the brushless motors are too little, the quadcopter will not respond well to your control, even has difficulties to take off. But if the thrust is too much, the quadcopter might become too …

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