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Having a motor that is too large will be heavy, and a motor that is too small will perform poorly or burn up.How to choose right quadcopter motor?This will include information on the RPM, thrust and power.A great formula of Thrust required is Required Thrust per motor = ( Weight x 2 ) / 4,Also, the battery and ECSs must be chosen to effectively drive the motor/prop combination.Here share to you what other experienced pilots use and buy the same or similar equipment,if you are beginner and interested in quadcopter diy,might find these post useful.quadcopter motor selection just one question which often is asked,Here will give you answer and more stories about quadcopter motor will be share,Welcome to here!

Quadcopter motor configurations – Diy quadcopter

Motor to ESC configuration

Quadcopter motor configuration is a process that requires utmost care. Failure to follow the right steps and make the right connections could result in dysfunction. For that reason, utmost care needs to be employed when configuring the motor to ESCs, propellers as well as the batteries. In this article, I will try to give an in insight on how the …

250 quadcopter motor comparison chart

250 quadcopter motor

When looking for 250 quadcopter motor, it sometimes gets too confusing given their high numbers in the market. For that reason, caution ought to be exercised before you get to pick any 250 quadcopter motor. However, with little or no information about them, it is even harder to know what each can do. For that reason, I have prepared a …

Quadcopter frame and lipo battery and motor and propeller size matching table

motor and propeller

Some motor and propeller questions to alway ask when you diy quadcopter, Today this article show you about quadcopter frame and lipo battery and motor and propeller size matching table, which only for your reference. Quadcopter components matching table The main problem with diy your quadcopter is that how to choose the right lipo battery for your frame or how …

Diy quadcopter parts list – fpv racing quadcopter tutorial

The purpose for diy quadcopter Consider purchasing a ready to fly such as DJI phantom,Yuneec etc. Otherwise you’d like to diy a fpv quadcopter but not for a beginner, It’s recommended that you have experience with a mini quadcopter such as Blade ,Hubsan etc. There are no one solution quadcopter, before buying one or building one, you should know clearly …

Different quadcopter configurations introduce for you

Different quadcopter configurations

There are many types of quadcopter configurations, which are generally classified how many motors they have, such as 2 Motors multicopter are named BiCopter, 3 motors are called TriCopter, 4 motors are classified quadcopter. Today we will talk about 4 Motors multicopter – quadcopter. The quadcopter configurations is the most popular type and mechanically the simplest and easiest to understand. …

Quadcopter motor sizes and selection for diy your quadcopter

quadcopter motor sizes

If you build a quadcopter but don’t have any idea about quadcopter motor sizes selection. You come to the right place, quadcopter motor sizes how to classified and how to choose them, Today will tell you. Quadcopter motor sizes It is most commonly classified according to its stator diameter size in the range of 21mm to 45mm abouve or smaller , …

2 ways for quadcopter balancing including props and motors – diy quadcopter

quadcopter balancing props and motors

After you finish to build a quadcopter, quadcopter balancing still need a lots of works to do. Quadcopter balancing props , motors and how to balance quadcopter ? If do not know, you come to the right place. Here will tell you why and some tips for balance quadcopter etc. Why need to balance quadcopter? If you plan to shoot aerial …

Choose the right quadcopter propeller size for diy quadcopter

Quadcopter propeller size

When you are making a quadcopter, you should know all quadcpter parts and how to work with each other. Such as quadcopter propeller size with motor and how to choose the strong light and well balanced proprellers? In order to getting start your quadcopter world, Here will tell you all. Quadcopter propeller size Type of prop is important as well but …

Quadcopter parts list pdf – FPV series from 150mm to 280mm

quadcopter parts FPV

Are you looking for quadcopter parts list pdf and plan to make a good FPV quadcopter at home? If you know the effect between parts of the FPV,I believe that you will inevitably do it in a distinctive way. Here are collected some FPV quadcopter parts list from 180mm to 280mm,which are only for reference purpose. FPV 150mm quadcopter parts …

Best plans of quadcopter design pdf download

quadcopter design

Do what you love, if you are familiar with diy quadcopter, which i think this is a positive passion for the pursuit of life. Self-thinking Diy and design maybe can set up a paradise of hobbies.Today we will share some best quadcopter design pdf which are collected and collated from internet, you can minimise wasted time and get more work …

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