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Having a motor that is too large will be heavy, and a motor that is too small will perform poorly or burn up.How to choose right quadcopter motor?This will include information on the RPM, thrust and power.A great formula of Thrust required is Required Thrust per motor = ( Weight x 2 ) / 4,Also, the battery and ECSs must be chosen to effectively drive the motor/prop combination.Here share to you what other experienced pilots use and buy the same or similar equipment,if you are beginner and interested in quadcopter diy,might find these post useful.quadcopter motor selection just one question which often is asked,Here will give you answer and more stories about quadcopter motor will be share,Welcome to here!

How to choose best motor for 2.5 inch cinewhoop FPV?

1404 motors

What is cinewhoop? CineWhoop drones are typically small and light, with ducted propellers that contribute to their smooth flight. They are made for cinematic filmmaking, especially indoors and in confined settings. Although pre-built CineWhoops are growing widespread, DIY-built CineWhoops still make up the majority of the drone market. These drones are part of a very specialized and seldom sub-group that …

Preferred Motors Of DRL Pilots

Preferred Motors Of DRL Pilots

Even among drone enthusiasts, many can be surprised when they learn that drone racing has effectively become a sport. Not very long ago, the “Drone Racing League” was basically being tested by ESPN, shown on television during odd hours and such. However, once ESPN essentially renewed DRL for a second “season,” so to speak, it seemed the sport was established. …

Brushless Motor KV To RPM Calculator

Brushless Motor KV To RPM

Ever wonder how to convert brushless motor kv to rpm? In ths article will tell you a sample formula, But before that you should know what’s the KV and RPM meaning? Therefore, the main parameters of motor constant explained to you first. What’s the KV meaning? KV is the main parameter of motor, it is measure the speed of motor. …

How to calculate quadcopter power consumption

quadcopter power consumption

You want to know how to calculate quadcopter power consumption when trying to figure out the propulsion system or building a quadcopter, here you come to the right place. How to calculate a quadcopter power consumption #1 Calculator formula Amps x Volts = Watts AUW(all up weight) = 1/2 thrust (around) 1 amp (Continuous current of 1 amp)= 1000 mah Simple …

How to choose most efficient quadcopter motor

most efficient quadcopter motor

No other part of the drone is as important as the quality of the chosen motor, how to choose most efficient quadcopter motor? This article will tell you how and why! A Quadcopter as the name suggests is a multi-rotor helicopter which is propelled and lifted by four rotors. The quadcopter is classified as a rotorcraft which is opposed to …

Quadcopter motor types – Diy quadcopter

types of motor

As we know, motor is one very important part of quadcopter,but do you know your quadcopter motor types? AC motors or DC motors? and why? Here will tell you what’s your quadcopter motor type and why use this type. What are the types of motor? There are so many different types of motors, AC (alternating-current) motors and DC (direct-current) motors …

250mm quadcopter motor recommendations

250mm quadcopter motor

For helping you to find the best quadcopter motor, here some 250mm quadcopter motor recommendations for you. One of the most important parts of a quadcopter is the motor. Being part of the power system, the choice of the motor is critical to the effective functioning of the quadcopter. Some of the specifications of the motor which may influence your …

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