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Quadcopter how to

If you are interested in diying quadcopter by yourself,you are come right here. Quadcopter how to this place will tell you how to build own quadcopter at home. Before this,you have to learn how to choose all the parts(Frame, Flight controllers, ESC, Motor, Lipo battery, Propeller, etc. ) and know what parts combination will work with each other and how to setup,Some tips maybe useful for you. Hope that helped and welcome here!

Multicopter flight controller comparison – Diy quadcopter

Multicopter flight controller comparison

Please check out latest Best Drone Flight Controllers 2017 To really help you to choosing the best flight controller for multicopter, I maked some multicopter flight controller comparison, which including the AeroQuad 32, APM2.8, Openpilot CC3D, Mikro Kopter, Acro Naze32, Full Naze32, Hobbyking KK2, DJI Naza-M Lite, FLIP MWC. These flight controllers are relatively popular in the international market. A long time ago, I had wrote a article …

How to choose the right flight controller for drone

flight controller for drone

Please check out latest Best Drone Flight Controllers 2017 Flight controller is the brain of the drone. It is a circuit board that accumulates sensors data and user commands, and makes adjustments to the motor speed to keep the drone in the air. Today there are many popular flight controllers on market, Sush as KK2 board, ArduPilot APM, 3DR Pixhawk, …

Beginners guide to quadcopters and FPV – How to start?

Tools for Remote Aerial Photography

If you want to join into quadcopter world and do not know how to start? Here share you about Beginners guide to quadcopters and FPV step by step,This is the reason to write this article so that you will certainly easily enter this arena. Drones are the new high in the world of technology and development. They have just opened …

2 ways for quadcopter balancing including props and motors – diy quadcopter

quadcopter balancing props and motors

After you finish to build a quadcopter, quadcopter balancing still need a lots of works to do. Quadcopter balancing props , motors and how to balance quadcopter ? If do not know, you come to the right place. Here will tell you why and some tips for balance quadcopter etc. Why need to balance quadcopter? If you plan to shoot aerial …

How long can a quadcopter fly and calculate for Diy quadcopter

how long can a quadcopter fly

How long can a quadcopter fly? Everyone has their own quadcopter or plan to diy a quadcopter want to make this question clear. But there’s no one rule to give a definite answer to the question. And there’s no getting round it, so today this quesion will be discussed. How long can a quadcopter fly? AS we know that there …

How to choose the best frame for quadcopter – Diy Quadcopter

best frame for quadcopter

What’s the best frame for quadcopter? Everyone has their own needs and want to choose the best frame for quadcopter. But it’s not simple to successfully find the best frame for your needs. Fortunately, We have collected and sorted some resouces, which will be sharing and helping you to choose then best frame. Quadcopter frame types There are many different …

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