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Quadcopter how to

If you are interested in diying quadcopter by yourself,you are come right here. Quadcopter how to this place will tell you how to build own quadcopter at home. Before this,you have to learn how to choose all the parts(Frame, Flight controllers, ESC, Motor, Lipo battery, Propeller, etc. ) and know what parts combination will work with each other and how to setup,Some tips maybe useful for you. Hope that helped and welcome here!

How to choose most efficient quadcopter motor

most efficient quadcopter motor

No other part of the drone is as important as the quality of the chosen motor, how to choose most efficient quadcopter motor? This article will tell you how and why! A Quadcopter as the name suggests is a multi-rotor helicopter which is propelled and lifted by four rotors. The quadcopter is classified as a rotorcraft which is opposed to …

How to choose the best transmitter for fpv quadcopter

transmitter for fpv quadcopter

Transmitters are among the most crucial components of your FPV quadcopter. but How to choose the best transmitter for fpv quadcopter? For this reason, they need to be selected keenly if at all the quadcopter is to perform to perfection. This is because the transmitter you choose determines how clear the images you get are. After all, why would you …

Quadcopter motor configurations – Diy quadcopter

Motor to ESC configuration

Quadcopter motor configuration is a process that requires utmost care. Failure to follow the right steps and make the right connections could result in dysfunction. For that reason, utmost care needs to be employed when configuring the motor to ESCs, propellers as well as the batteries. In this article, I will try to give an in insight on how the …

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