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quadcopter guide and tips

You maybe greatly interested in building a quadcopter,you are right to come here,Quadcopter guide tell you some flying tips which are from experienced pilots.how to choose motor,ESC,battery,propeller,flight controllers for your quadcopter?what should you do before flying quadcoper?how to diy a quadcoper ?how to fly for beginners? and where to buy? All of these questions will be answered.By the way,if you have some questions about your quadcoper or want to tell your quadcopter guide story,you could leave comments,that’s welcome!

Best battery for 250 quadcopter

FPV lipo battery

What are battery requirements for 250 quadcopter? As we know, you should mainly consider battery capacity,C-rate and voltage when looking for lipo battery hight performance for fpv racing quadcopter. You can read the original article how to choose battery for quadcopter . What would be the 250mm FPV racing best battery size? Yes, today we have to answer this question …

Getting the best battery charger for quadcopter

Getting the best battery charger for quadcopter

Getting the best battery charger for quadcopter is crucial if you do not want to be left in the lurch while having fun with your drone. Many quadcopter owners are always plunged to limbo by the plethora of quadcopter battery chargers available in the market. Basically, getting the best battery charger is not an easy task given the fact that …

How to choose the best antenna for Fatshark goggles

Fatshark Mushroom antenna

When looking for the best antenna for Fatshark goggles, it is possible to make mistakes. This is because of their high numbers and varied designs. However, armed with the right information, getting the right product is just a snap! Which is this right information? Knowing what to look for, what options to explore and what each option offers is the …

How to choose most efficient quadcopter motor

most efficient quadcopter motor

No other part of the drone is as important as the quality of the chosen motor, how to choose most efficient quadcopter motor? This article will tell you how and why! A Quadcopter as the name suggests is a multi-rotor helicopter which is propelled and lifted by four rotors. The quadcopter is classified as a rotorcraft which is opposed to …

Top 5 best RC transmitter under 100 dollars

GoolRC FS CT6B Transmitter

A long time ago, I have shared one article about how to choose best transmitter for fpv quadcopter. There are 4 major factors should you consider before choosing a transmitter: the munber of channels, the appropriate mode,frequency and price. The rc transmitter on the market generally function and parameters look very much the same but differentiated in price. Therefore if …

FPV Goggles vs Monitor which is better?

FPV Goggles and Monitor

FPV goggles vs monitor, which is better? Okay, this is a rather tricky question which, in most cases, boils down to personal preferences. Although each one of these two items has its own benefits and shortcomings, the decision to settle for any of them is always based on one’s preferences, finances, and expected outcome. However, after squinting at some major …

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