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quadcopter guide and tips

You maybe greatly interested in building a quadcopter,you are right to come here,Quadcopter guide tell you some flying tips which are from experienced pilots.how to choose motor,ESC,battery,propeller,flight controllers for your quadcopter?what should you do before flying quadcoper?how to diy a quadcoper ?how to fly for beginners? and where to buy? All of these questions will be answered.By the way,if you have some questions about your quadcoper or want to tell your quadcopter guide story,you could leave comments,that’s welcome!

What is the major role of GPS technology in drones?

GPS drone

Welcome to the 21st Century. We may not have flying cars and time travel, but that doesn’t mean the current future hasn’t produced some pretty amazing technology. Whoever thought we would have best GPS drones for the public? Drones that can serve as toys for children, equipment for photographers and videographers, and let’s not forget the sporty racers. If you’re new …


Dji spark

Like anything else, the advance the features, the higher the quality the more will be the cost of the drone. Any drone that has a range measured in kilometers or miles will be easily above 1000 dollars. The controllable range is one of the most important features that you should look for in your drone. Most of the drones that …

Top 3 Essential Tools improve quality of our work

Force1 HD Drone with Camera Easy to Fly for Beginner

Science and technology is the productivity, from the modern industrial revolution since the occurrence, The science and technology has shown the most enormous applications . With the rapid development of science and technology, all the elements of production including tools, process methods, workers’ skills and intelligence level have undergone fundamental changes. Here are some daily tools to improve the convenience …

Which is Better an RC Drone or RC Helicopter?

RC Drone

Would you buy an RC drone or Helicopter? I mean, it’s clear that both are beasts of flight, right? While these two may sound similar, they have few striking differences that should help you to pick the best. Before I got my first remote controlled flying device, I had a rather tough time. Even so, I realized that factors such …

Fixed Wing FPV E-flite Convergence Vtol Review

E-flite convergence vtol review

Fixed wing fpv is become more and more popular, because of it combines multirotor, fpv, plane versatility. Today E-flite convergence vtol review share to you, I definitely recommend this excellent and super fun aircraft. Why? go ahead, after reading this e flite convergence review you will know the reason. Unboxing What’s in the box? as you see the above image, …

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