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quadcopter guide and tips

You maybe greatly interested in building a quadcopter,you are right to come here,Quadcopter guide tell you some flying tips which are from experienced pilots.how to choose motor,ESC,battery,propeller,flight controllers for your quadcopter?what should you do before flying quadcoper?how to diy a quadcoper ?how to fly for beginners? and where to buy? All of these questions will be answered.By the way,if you have some questions about your quadcoper or want to tell your quadcopter guide story,you could leave comments,that’s welcome!

How to choose motor for quadcopter 2016

how to choose motor for quadcopter

If you want to diy one quadcopter,have to choose all best parts for combination,how to choose motor for quadcopter is very important, If the thrust provided by the brushless motors are too little, the quadcopter will not respond well to your control, even has difficulties to take off. But if the thrust is too much, the quadcopter might become too …

5 tips Looking After Quadcoper Lipo Battery for You

looking after drone lipo battery

Some people maybe can fly quadcoper but do not know how to looking after quadcoper lipo battery. As we know lipo battery provide quadcopter with energy, is very important for quadcoper system. But lipo battery is very dangerous you will be at risk if operating conditions than those described as below. The following suggestions will help you a lot. : …

Three methods increase quadcopter flight time for you

increase quadcopter flight time

There’s one thing about quadcopter that puzzles pilots more than anything else: how to increase quadcopter flight time? If you have experience in the fpv racing or aerial photography not a beginner, will pursue more power more energy and longest flight time for your quadcopters. Pilots can only fly in 30 minutes at the most, Generally, less than 20 minutes. …

Three advantages of lipo battery cell high voltage

lipo battery cell high voltag

Lipo battery cell high voltage have been in market for a long time, but many people don’t know what is high voltage lipo battery and what’s advantages of them. If you have some hobby models such as 3D airplanes, EDF jets, helicopters, extreme 3D helicopters and FPV quad racers, you come the right place, You’ll find the high voltage lipo …

Choose the best flight controller for fpv racing quadcopter


Please check out latest Best Drone Flight Controllers 2017 Fpv racing is more and more popular, before diy a fpv quadcopter you have to shop all parts of quadcopter. it’s one very important thing is that how to choose the best flight controller for fpv racing quadcopter. If you don’t know and have no ideas, here is the right place, …

How to choose best flight controller for quadcopter


Please check out latest Best Drone Flight Controllers 2017 If you want to choose best flight controller for quadcopter but don’t know which one is or suit to beginner, then you’ve come to the right place, here to tell you that which one is the best flight controller. Flight controller is the most important part of quadcopter As we …

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