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Quadcopter Diy

Here will post quadcopter build guide and share quadcopter diy knowledges for you,if you want to diy quadcopter,here can help you to be more informed when wanting to build quadcopter or design quadcopter.The main point of these guide are to successfully get someone who no hobby background into diy quadcopters.

The Best Lipo Internal Resistance Meter For Drone

5 in 1 battery internal resistance meter

After researching online I have shortlisted the best Lipo Internal Resistance Meter, which you can select items for checking drone battery right now. That’s because greatest tool is precision for pilot. How to calculate lipo internal resistance without meter? The following formula is well known for calculating internal resistance. R= U/A In order to more accurate, you should get the …

Battery Discharge Rate Calculator Formula

Battery Discharge Rate Calculator

You should know the Battery Discharge Rate Calculator and target load current before choosing the right lipo battery for your drone and RC hobby, as it can greatly impact performance. Previously, I posted an article about How to calculate quadcopter flight time, there are many factors impact the flight time, on of the factors is battery discharge rate. Therefore, in …

Drone Layout And Quadcopter Layout

Quadcopter layout

Are you looking for quadcopter layout to build a fpv? In this article, show you drone layout chart and an example helping you to know what’s should you need and how to connect all the components. Quadcopter Layout Basics Image credit: fpvdronereviews As you see above quadcopter layout, taking the fpv as a example, there are many parts you should purchase …

Fastest Drone: Top 5 Fastest Racing Quad In The World

fastest drone

Previously, The current world record for the fastest drone at 224.9 miles/hour on a calm day. How fast can a drone fly? who can refresh the record? I make a huge amount research on website blog and Youtube, I surprisingly found that the fastest racing quad can reach the speed 250mph,which was breaking the original high speed record, so crazy! …

Excellent Match With The Best 180 Quadcopter Frame

Best 180 quadcopter frame

When I decide to start finding out the best 180 quadcopter frame for racing, I spend a bit of time watching videos and reading personal blogs of experienced pilots. 180 size quadcopter are popular due to it have great fun to fly indoor as well as outdoor, and powerful allow you to perform crazy acro moves. That is why I …

Most popular best fpv transmitter receiver for Racing RC Multirotors

quadcopter Radio Receiver

Here are some best fpv receivers which recommended by experienced pilots, All are a great solution for fpv quadcopter. Quadcopter radio receiver technology is proven, approved by many model associations, tested and reviewed as the leading Chinese 2.4Ghz R/C Technology. Below fpv quadcopter using these Radio Receiver part: ZMR250 SCORPION V2, QAV250, ZMR 250, Blackout Mini H Quad v2, REVERSE …

Tattu R-Line Version 2.0 HV Lipo Battery Review

Tattu R-Line Version 2.0 HV lipo batteries

Tattu is well known for its high quality battery, this review article will introduce you its new product Tattu R-Line Version 2.0 HV lipo battery. Last year, Tattu released R-Line version 1.0, it is liked by most of pilots from all over the world. It is used to attend many world-class competitions and got the great results. Tattu R-Line version …

How To Choose The Best FPV Fatshark Goggles Battery

How To Choose The Best FPV Fatshark Goggles Battery

If you have Head-play or Fatshark FPV goggles, but looking for best Fatshark battery for long flight sessions, you are come to the right place. Here will tell you how to choose high capacity fpv goggles battery and how to charge fatshark battery (Including Fatshark Dominator V3 HD3 ATTITUDE V3 V4 battery etc.) Things need to consider when …

Full FPV Experience – Drone Building Guide (Sections 4)

RC Night Flying 12V 1.5W Super Bright LED Head Lights Illuminator

More people are becoming professional racers and are becoming very adept at fast racing, therefore below equipment can help you to reach full FPV experience. RunCam FPV Camera Once you have a drone, you probably want to capture the best possible footage. This camera keeps 600TVL resolution and excellent color rendition, supporting 5 to 17V operating voltage. RunCam camera …

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