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Here will post quadcopter build guide and share quadcopter diy knowledges for you,if you want to diy quadcopter,here can help you to be more informed when wanting to build quadcopter or design quadcopter.The main point of these guide are to successfully get someone who no hobby background into diy quadcopters.

RC Car Speed Calculator: 3 Straightforward Calculation Methods

RC car speed calculator

Remote control (RC) cars are a popular source of entertainment and competition, with many enthusiasts seeking to maximize their vehicle’s top speed. Calculating the maximum speed of an RC car is not overly complex but requires some basic information and simple mathematical calculations. This article will introduce 3 straightforward calculation methods to help you better understand and master your RC …

Building a Drone Frame Using CNC Precision Machining

Building a Drone Frame Using CNC Precision Machining

Drone enthusiasts love to experiment and customize their builds, which is why CNC machining is perfect for building them from scratch. When crafting a drone yourself, you will need to make the frame first, and there’s no better way to get precision than using a CNC machine. Typically, carbon fiber is used for the frame because it’s extremely lightweight, but …

Do You Need Drone Landing Pads?


A drone pad is a small accessory that most drone pilots must worry about. However, this is an accessory that ensures that your drone lands and takes off safely. Besides, it ensures that your drone’s lens remains clean for better filming. Remember, you need suitable drone pads for effective performance. Learn more about the importance of drone pads in this …

The Technology Behind a Racing Drone

Racing Drone

Drones or commonly known quadcopters is one of the most spectacular inventions of modern science. Using this technology, different drones are formed for various purposes in today’s world. One of that purpose is racing, and those drones are called racing drones. Drone racing or FPV (FPV stands for first-person view) is a kind of sport where the contestant controls his/her …

Drone Spare Parts and Parts for RC Quadcopters

drone parts

Anyone involved in flying RC Quadcopters, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Drones as they are more commonly known will need a constant access to Drone Spare Parts and RC Quadcopter Parts. Whatever level of flying experience you are at or whether you fly Toy Grade Drones, Hobby Grade Drones or professional Aerial Photography Drones, access to parts is a must. …

Drones Are the Future of Sports Training

Drones can be used in a variety of ways and their applications are varied, as we previously mentioned in our ‘Drones Are the Future of Fleet Management’ article. Among other things, unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, can be used to combat crime, in farming, delivering goods and even in the logistics industry. Recently, drones have even started to be used …

How to take your drone photography to new heights

Drone photography

A drone camera is state of the art gadget and if you have a business or a website then you can utilise panaromic 360 technology to really promote your product or service. For example, car companies now are taking advantage of this technology to showcase their vehicle interior, or interior designers who want to give a full 360 vision of …

Best Drone Reviews for Beginners

Best Drone Reviews for Beginners

Flying a drone successfully needs lots of learning and patience on the part of beginners if they wish not to make mistakes that can cost them or even land them in problems with the law. That is why even drone manufacturers have specialized drone options for beginners. There are lots of drones designed for beginners that come with exciting options. …

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