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Quadcopter Lipo Battery

For reaching the longer flight time we have to know how to calculate quadcopter flight time and how to choose the best lipo battery for quadcopter,If you have on ideas,here is the right place.The general rule is that Quadcopter battery calculator requires three factors:lipo battery capacity,lipo discharge and average amp draw,All factors have been at work. We will make some quadcopter suggestions related to Lipo battery,infinite pursuit, unlimited exploration, do please respect!

Diy quadcopter parts list – fpv racing quadcopter tutorial


The purpose for diy quadcopter Consider purchasing a ready to fly such as DJI phantom,Yuneec etc. Otherwise you’d like to diy a fpv quadcopter but not for a beginner, It’s recommended that you have experience with a mini quadcopter such as Blade ,Hubsan etc. There are no one solution quadcopter, before buying one or building one, you should know clearly …

How long can a quadcopter fly and calculate for Diy quadcopter

how long can a quadcopter fly

How long can a quadcopter fly? Everyone has their own quadcopter or plan to diy a quadcopter want to make this question clear. But there’s no one rule to give a definite answer to the question. And there’s no getting round it, so today this quesion will be discussed. How long can a quadcopter fly? AS we know that there …

Quadcopter parts list pdf – FPV series from 150mm to 280mm

quadcopter parts FPV

Are you looking for quadcopter parts list pdf and plan to make a good FPV quadcopter at home? If you know the effect between parts of the FPV,I believe that you will inevitably do it in a distinctive way. Here are collected some FPV quadcopter parts list from 180mm to 280mm,which are only for reference purpose. FPV 150mm quadcopter parts …

Tattu toppilot lipo battery is designed for fpv racing competition


What’s the Tattu toppilot lipo battery? Toppilot lipo is a sponsored version under tattu brand, particularly designed for fpv racing competition. New materials were adopted in this new version.(materials were confidential ,lower internal resistance), Main feature is much more powerful, Some tech department have compared the toppilot version with other brand graphene’s discharge curve,The Toppilot discharge platform is above what …

Best plans of quadcopter design pdf download

quadcopter design

Do what you love, if you are familiar with diy quadcopter, which i think this is a positive passion for the pursuit of life. Self-thinking Diy and design maybe can set up a paradise of hobbies.Today we will share some best quadcopter design pdf which are collected and collated from internet, you can minimise wasted time and get more work …

Show popular FPV build list that helps to build your own fpv at home

build your own fpv

How to build your own FPV quadcopter at home by yourself ? Such as fpv 180 – fpv 250 etc. Here will post some popular / community FPV build list and easy quadcopter build guide that helps you to make a small fpv quadcopte easily. The initial phase is the most difficult, but it will become easier and easier over …

How to Choose Best FPV LiPo Battery for Flight

How to Choose Best FPV LiPo Battery for Flight

We pursue More power, more flight time, and less weight, But how to Choose Best FPV LiPo Battery Based on so many fpv lipo battery brands in the market? Tattu, SMC, Bonka, Lumenier, Dinogy, Nanotech, Dinogy, VCanz, Thunderpower,Revolectrix, etc. Which is the best one? FPV is more and more popular now among many RC hobbies and there are more and …

What do i need for fpv quadcopter? The Basic Parts Equipment of FPV

what do i need for fpv

If you are interest in FPV and then you maybe face to these questions what do i need for fpv? what’s the best basic parts equipment of fpv when you want to building one fpv quadcoper such as quad 250. After this you still will facing many problems about choosing or making or flying your fpv quadcoper. Here I would …

How to protect lipo batteries for quadcopter as long as possible

How to protect lipo batteries for quadcopter

How to protect lipo batteries? Standard voltage of batteries is 3.0V – 4.2V ( single cell) , the battery during charging and discharging work, should be controlled within this range ; before the battery charge and discharge , it is recommended to detect the battery voltage batteries per piece how much ; Battery voltage factory within a month is about 3.8-3.9v ( …

Aircraft lipo battery shipping regulations and How to solve the traveling problem

lipo battery shipping regulations

If you have many aircraft lipo batteries and have to transport them when you will participate in one event which have to travel to.how to ship batteries? Here some lipo battery shipping regulations share to you. The problem of go aboard with aircraft lipo batteries How many aircraft lipo batteries can bring with? Combined with China’s major airlines airport security …

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