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FPV quadcopter build guide and fpv flying tips

FPV racing will become more and more popular, If you are willing to join, Hare are some FPV quadcopter build guide (How to choose all parts flight controllers,frame,motor,esc,battery,camera etc. and how to build 180mm fpv,250fpv,330fpv etc.) and FPV flying tips (how to get started,how to setup fpv,how to fly etc.) share for you to build FPV, maybe useful for you.

Indoor Drone Racing Guide

Indoor Drone Racing

Both of indoor drone racing and outdoor racing are popular today, but want to get the champion is not a easy thing. In this article will tell you more informations about these racing events and listed a fast FPV parts helping you to succeed. Why Indoor Drone Racing? As we known, drone racing was become a sport racing in …

Quadcopter Wiring Diagram Guide

quadcopter prop rotation diagram

If you making a quadcopter at home and have to bought a lot of parts including motors, props, flight controller, battery, camera, receiver, gogggles, transmitter etc. But do not know how to connect them and looking for help. You are coming the right place, here were collected quadcopter wiring diagram, may these drone wiring diagram guide can help you making a few …

Quadcopter frame sizes – which class series quadcopter will you make?

quadcopter frame sizes

Quadcopter frame is important component of quadcopter, There are a lots of quadcopter frame sizes and no thumb rule for size of the frame, but the most common is from 180 mm to 800 mm. Each quadcopter frame with different attributes is designed for different style quadcopter such as fpv / sport racing / cameras / mini etc. Size of …

Best battery for 250 quadcopter

FPV lipo battery

What are battery requirements for 250 quadcopter? As we know, you should mainly consider battery capacity,C-rate and voltage when looking for lipo battery hight performance for fpv racing quadcopter. You can read the original article how to choose battery for quadcopter . What would be the 250mm FPV racing best battery size? Yes, today we have to answer this question …

FPV Goggles vs Monitor which is better?

FPV Goggles and Monitor

FPV goggles vs monitor, which is better? Okay, this is a rather tricky question which, in most cases, boils down to personal preferences. Although each one of these two items has its own benefits and shortcomings, the decision to settle for any of them is always based on one’s preferences, finances, and expected outcome. However, after squinting at some major …

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