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Buy vs build your best first quadcopter – which way?

Not being a quadcopter beginner and pursuing higher needs for your best first quadcopter but you do not know how to build or buy a better quadcoper for you. Build or buy ? Each implementation approach has advantages and disadvantages, which one will you choose, continue reading this post you will find out it and why.

Whatever the way you choose, You must give a definite answer to the question that what you’re planning on using best first quadcopter for ?

What kind of quadcopter will you choose is based on your requirements. Just because you know you want a quadcopter, that doesn’t mean that every quadcopter out there will suit your needs.

Requirements summary for quadcopter as below:

best first quadcopter

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Most common quadcopter styles

  • Aerial cinematography: Big enough to lift a specific camera with tall landing gear.Such as DJI phantom 2/3/4, S1000 etc.
  • Sport: Super light-weight and extremely stiff for crisp and responsive control.Such as QAV 400/500, FLIP FPV, TBS Discovery etc.
  • Sport FPV: Lots of mounting surfaces for extra electronics and action cameras.Such as Flip sport /DJI F450.
  • Mini: Very small and virtually indestructible.Such as Hubsan X4 , Eachine H8 Mini , syma x11 etc.
  • Mini FPV: Virtually indestructible with space to mount electronics and sometimes an action camera. Such as QAV250, 250mm quad etc.

We must make concrete analysis of concrete condition. If you want to have a best mini quadcopter, For me, shop one from B2C is the best. Because it’s too mini that it is no need to build one and also all the parts has few alternatives.

If you want to buy best first quadcopter, this post will help you Best RTF and Micro quadcopter buying guide for beginners 2016. If want to need a other styles quadcopter, We have to compare these two way and based on the advantages and disadvantages to choose the best way for you.

Buy vs build your best first quadcopter

About quadcopter kits

The advantage elements:

  • For your best first quadcopter, You do not need to have some experiences about the parts and do not need to know which components will work well together. The components in a kit are usually carefully matched, you are not worried how to choose and calculate them.
  • It’s easy to setup your frith quadcopter after read through manufacturers brochures, it will tell you how to setup one by one . Here is one artcle about Quadcopter setup guide for diy beginners.

The negative elements:

  • Crashes inevitably happen and your first quadcopter parts were broke, when you go to buy replacement parts they are much more expensive than generic off the shelf parts. Because the catch is that the kit contains parts that are only made by the manufacturer, This is lack of competitiveness in market.
  • While the parts in a low end kits may be carefully matched, they may be poor quality parts or parts without many features. It’s inconvenience you to build your best first quadcopter.

Diy your best first quadcopter

The advantage elements:

  • It will be much cheaper to replace a part since you have lots of choices and are not forced to buy a part made by the kit manufacturer. There are a lots of quadcopter parts on the B2C market, It is very simple and easy to purchase them through the Internet at home.
  • You can buy and configure any flight control board or moter with whatever features you require. This gives you total flexibility of which features you need and want. It also allows you to change boards as your demands change.

The negative elements:

  • When you build from a collection of parts that you purchase separately, it will take more time and perhaps even appear to cost more initially.
  • For diy your best first quadcopter , you must know how to choose all the parts and know how to work with each other, make the components are matched with each other. For this reason you must have some rc or quadcopter diy experiences.

Quadcopter setup guide for diy beginners

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Some tips for diy your best first quadcopter

If you decide to diy quadcopter by yourself, First you have to learn how to choose the quadcopter parts. The following articles maybe help you.

I should suggest DIY quadcopter all the way, it can be tailored to exactly what you need. Just do it and Just enjoy making your best first quadcopter and then share your diy experience here.

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