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Looking Best Tiny Whoop Battery For Increasing Flight Time

All tiny whoop racers known that there are different opinions for upgrading its motors and battery, and doubt that what’s the best tiny whoop battery and motors? and how to balance its performance and flight time?

Tiny Whoop Performance

Performance is mean that not just for going faster, along with better in flight control and having more thrust make your tiny whoop easier and more fun to fly.

There are not a lot of inertia drift, because of its weight only 25G, it actually have so much fun and good flight feel.

For this reason, we pursue lighter tiny whoop batteries, expecially for racing.

Tiny Whoop Micro FPV
Tiny Whoop Micro FPV

Flight time

The standard 150mah battery will give you about 1 minute of runtime. Upgrade with crazepony 35C 200mAh 1S battery, up to 3min and 40 seconds flight time.

Someone require that need a new tiny whoop with 7-8 mins flight times. More flight times need more capacity power 300mAh even more, But I honestly do not think a tiny whoop can lift that a big lipo battery even with upgraded motors.

In my opinion, the best way increasing the flight times is that just get multiple small batteries with multiple shorter flights approximately 4 mins. It’s very tedious to fly too long time with taking goggles on. Another way is that use a high capacity with a few different size lipo battery and take off the camera, through this way you will get more flight times, but at the expense of power and handing.

How to balance performance and flight time?

There is always a tradeoff, hard to get better performance without sacrificing flight time.

How to?

For racing, you do not choose the bigger heavy batteries in order to improve flight time, otherwise you won’t get much more fun and the whole flight will suck. Speed is frist.

For flight time, getting bigger battery with high capacity or go with smaller tiny whoop hv battery, you would get a least a solid minute extra of flight times.

Best tiny whoop battery recommendation

Timed and make tiny whoop battery comparison, found that its average flight times is 3 mins, for getting more fun and longer flight times you need to upgrade tiny whoop battery. But between different brands and capacity there might be a difference in flight time. Highly recommend as following you see.

Crazepony 230mAh HV Battery for Tiny Whoop

Crazepony 4pcs 230mAh 3.8V 1S 30C HV Lipo Battery

This best battery for tiny whoop and also designed for other micro drones, such as Blade Inductrix, Blade Nano QX, Nano CPX, Blade mCX mCX2, UMX Radian, Champ, UMX T-28, Night Vapor, UMX Corsair, Whipit, Sport Cub S, Eachine E010, WHOOP-E, Blade MSR, mCPX etc.

Highly recommend this battery, because of its high voltage gets longer lifetime and safer charging situation for your tiny whoop.

You will save little money when frequently bought together with Crazepony 1S Lipo Battery Charger, which can charge 6 batteries at the same time, keep your tiny whoop staying in the air.

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