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How to use the best tiny whoop batteries to increase flight time

What are the best tiny whoop batteries? Tiny Whoop is a name brand for a certain type of microdrones. The Tiny Whoop was invented by a team of drone racers called Team Big Whoop. In the beginning, the Tiny Whoop was known as the Blade Industrie. It is a micro quad unit that comes with different body styles so each user can customize the look of their device. The tiny whoop batteries power the microdrones.

How to increase tiny whoop flight time? here introduces 4 ways as below:

Way 1 : Tiny Whoop Battery Upgrade

An upgrade for your tiny whoop batteries will get you longer flying time and the best upgrades will provide you with increased safety while charging your batteries.

For instance: the 260mAh HV 15 Lipo battery intended to be used in Tiny Whoop JST-PH 2.0 with Power hoop mCPX connector is developed to provide users with a longer battery lifetime. It provides a greater amount of power for your Tiny Whoop and your Tiny Whoop will fly faster because the battery is lighter than the standard 260mah battery.

GNB 260mAh HV 1S LiPo Battery

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Experienced Tiny Whoop flyers will tell you upgrading your battery can make your device fly faster, and can make the charging of the battery safer, but the real reason why most Tiny Whoop flyers upgrade their batteries is to create a greater thrust when they are controlling their machine.

An increased amount of motor thrust makes the machines easier to fly. The increased thrust as adds to the enjoyment you get from flying your machine. Sometimes when you upgrade your tiny whoop motors you will actually lose a small amount of speed, but you gain a greater amount of control and that extra control and performance make a slight speed decrease worth sacrificing.

Flyers quickly get to know their machines and each flyer has personal goals for their machine performance, speed, and manageability. Luckily owners have the option for different motors, batteries, and connectors so they can create their dream drone.

Way 2 : Tiny Whoop HV Battery

The Tiny Whoop batteries come in different power sizes. They start with the Tiny Whoop HV 205mah, graduate to the Tiny Whoop 230mah, the 250mah, the 255mah, and the 260mah. MAH is short for milliampere-hour. MAH is the measure of how much storage capacity a battery has.

Crazepony 4pcs 230mAh HV 1S Lipo Battery

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You can increase the performance of your micro drone by changing the Tiny Whoop battery that you use in it. Make sure that you measure your current battery and the new battery you are considering to determine if the new battery will fit properly into your machine. You should also make sure that the connectors in your machine are compatible with the battery you have selected. You may have to change connectors when you change batteries.

Way 3 : Tips on Using Tiny Whoop Battery Connector

If you want your Tiny Whoop machine to get all of the power it can from the small batteries, then choosing the right Tiny Whoop battery connector will be important to you.

You want to make sure when you are changing your connectors to ay attention to the power supply that goes through the red or back wires. In some cases, the red wires are positive electrodes and in some instances, they will be negative electrodes. If you accidentally install a connector that has reverse power supplies you can cause damage to your machine. Take your time when changing, and read all of the information the manufacturer provides concerning the connector prior to making the installation.

Tiny Whoop JST-PH 2.0 Power Whoop Female Connector

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Many Tiny Whoop owners say that the JST-PH 2.0 connectors are a huge improvement over the original connectors that came in their machines. These owners claim that when they upgraded to the JST-PH 2.0 connectors they found that they had fewer problems like low hover and lost signal. These owners say that the connectors provide more power to the machines because the current can easily flow through them. They also report that the JST-PH 2.0 connectors last longer than the connectors that were installed in their machines at the factory.

The different connectors that can be used in the Tiny Whoop flying devices come in different lengths, and in different sizes. Before you buy new connectors check the dimensions of your current connectors, and see exactly what size connectors can be fit into your machine.

Way 4 : Tiny Whoop Battery mod LVC

To understand the Tiny Whoop LVC mod you need to know that on the FPV flight boards in the Tiny Whoop devices there is a feature referred to as a Low Voltage Cutoff. The Low Voltage Cutoff feature will cause your Tiny Whoop to land if the energy in the battery gets too low. The Low Voltage Cutoff was designed to prevent you from damaging your Tiny Whoop batteries by running them down too far.

The problem with the low voltage cutoff is that it can kick in too soon and cut off the device long before it was necessary. This is a particular concern with Tiny Whoop devices that have been modified with motors that have higher currents in them or upgraded with batteries that can provide more power and flight time than the original batteries that came factory installed in the device.

Some Tiny Whoop owners attempt to bypass their low voltage cutoff on their devices. This could be beneficial if the machine had a defective low voltage cutoff that was heating up and causing the flight time to be reduced drastically, but a word of caution must be added. Soldering the two connectors together to bypass the low voltage cutoff feature of the device can be complicated, and you can possibly damage your Tiny Whoop so that it does not fly, or it flies at diminished capacity. Do not attempt alterations to your machine unless you are 100% confident in your abilities to make the changes, and that the changes are improvements to the device mechanisms.


Many drone owners and drone racers say that once you fly a Tiny Whoop you will be compelled to own one of these little flying marvels. They are considered to be some of the best micro drones available on the market today.

Tiny Whoop flyers are fun to fly, fun to race, and each owner makes modifications with batteries and connectors to improve the performance of their machines. The best Tiny Whoop batteries that you choose to use in your machine will make a world of difference in what your device can do.

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