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Best racing drone frame: What factors should you consider?

The future is right here with us, thanks to the talented tech brains and giants, drones are no longer a dream but a living reality. Well, we can all agree that it does not end with just an invention. Different experts try to diversify the operations, purposes and capabilities of the drones. Specifically, I am impressed by the tremendous progress in developing racing FPV and I would like us to evaluate the best racing drone frame.

Which is the best racing quadcopter frame?

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What factors should you consider?

FPV racing has become popular over time. However, like any other venture out there, best FPV racing frames account for much more than just the name. More to skill, reflexes and concentration proper choice of the appropriate drone frame is a major factor for your success.

Some of the major factors to consider in choosing the best drone frame for racing include;

  • Size
  • X or H type
  • Weight
  • Materials

Your wise pick for all these factors combined with skill definitely gives you an edge in drone racing.

We now explore the above recipe for success in choosing drone frames.

How to choose best racing drone frame


The size of a drone frame is a basic factor in choosing the best FPV racing frame, it is also known as the wheel base. Quadcopter frame sizes are mostly expressed in millimeters, they account for the diagonal motor to motor distance. Some common sizes include; 120mm- 160mm, 160mm- 180mm and 180mm-250mm.

Size dictates a couple of other factors like;

  • · Size of props
  • · Size and weight of the motor stator to fit
  • · Air resistance
  • · Moment of inertia
  • · The flying style

Well, these are among other factors that are accounted for by the choice of the size you make for your racing drone.

How does size relate to the above factors? You are probably asking

Size of props

The size of pros should be proportional to your choice of the racing drone frame. Apart from that, some races regulate on the size of propellers required. So unless it is an open race you might want to stick to set regulations to avoid penalties.

Let us see some prop sizes and the racing drone frames they are mostly matched to;

120mm- 160mm drone frames run 3 inch propellers, 160mm- 180mm run the 4 inch propellers, 180mm- 250mm run the 5 inch propellers and 250mm frames run 6 inch propellers. These are the standard prop sizes. 5 inch propellers are most popular for FPV racing events.

Size of motor stator

Relatively, the size of the motor which is defined by stator size and KV is very essential for maximum efficiency. Sizing of the props and the stators should be proportional.

Flying Style

FPV racing is characterized by various different activities. Your flying style should act as a guide in identifying the best FPV racing frame that suits your challenge. Smaller, lighter racing drone frames are better suited for competitions involving active aerial stunts.

Be sure to review frame size options when trying to acquire the best drone frame for racing.

Air resistance

Bigger frames experience more air resistance as compared to smaller racing drone frames

Moment of inertia

This is the state of a body resisting angular acceleration. Since motors are mounted on the end of the arms, the bigger the distance from the center the larger the moment of inertia. Smaller frames command a smaller moment of inertia.

2. X or H type

Drone frames come in two ideal frame types.

H-frames as the name suggest form extended arms from the body that form a shape of the letter H. The H-frame drones were the first drones and have continued to become popular to many over the years. They boast of very strong but heavy frames, they are capable of carrying maximum lots of FPV gear and running a LiPo battery. They have a relatively wider base guaranteeing them stable rolls.

I would confidently say they are good if you are a starting FPV race due to the capability and durability factors especially the batteries of H-frame drone tend to last longer since their positioning ensures they are not easily damaged.

It also makes a suitable best drone frame for racing as it offers plenty of room for easy build and modifications.

X-frames stand out as the big names in racing and freestyle. Configured in an X shape that characterizes its arms it guarantees stability from the centralized center of gravity.

They comfortably perform stunts, rolls and flips. They are also characterized by a symmetrical pitch and roll axis.

Their battery is however more vulnerable in case of a crush due to its location at the base of the done.

X-frames are the best FPV racing frames due to flexibility and predictability in their handling.

H-frames may stand out for beginners in FPV racing but X-frames are rated the best drone frame for racing.

Other popular frames include the v-tail, hybrid X and stretched X frames that are modified for different capabilities and performances. A disadvantage of the unpopular racing drones is that they require custom motors and some parts. That could be a real hustle when you require replacements and spares.

3. Weight

Weight goes a long way to influence the performance of a racing drone. The best racing drone frame has an impressive power weight ratio.

You try out on a racing drone that is not proportional in weight and power and see how that ends up for your battery!

Lighter racing drone frames

Have the best acrobatic and stunts performances?

Are more precise in air, easier to handle and tune?

Boast of better speed changes, slow down and spins?

Heavier racing drone frames

Are less vulnerable to damage on impact?

Perform well in straight line race challenges?

Have slower speeds and spins?

Given the above, heavier drone frames are better suited for beginners and straight line races whereas lighter frames make the best for aerial stunts and speed. Match your wants to the appropriate weight frame for maximum results!

4. Material

Many people fail to realize but the material makes up either the best racing drone frame for you or the worst frame. Drone frames could be made out of; wood, aluminum, PVC and injection molded plastic.

The material of the frame accounts for durability and weight. A good material is one that will protect your frame in times of crashes and impulses so you don’t have to spend much on repairs and replacements. Materials such as carbon fiber will give you the best service and value for your money it is therefore the most popular. It may however have some limitations that include; blockage of radio frequency signals, you are therefore advised to keep your antennae outside the frame. It is also a good conductor of electricity this may cause a short circuit which may end in burning your components

In summary material properties include;

  • ·Lightweight
  • · Strength
  • · Rigidity

You don’t want to find yourself replacing your gadget after every simple crush!

Before settling on the best drone frame for racing you want to acquire, set you priorities right on what you are looking for in a drone then weigh whatever options you have before spending. That’s the secret behind acquiring the best racing drone frames.

5. Other factors

Other factors that might come in handy when settling on your pick include;

Choice of the camera – When flying a drone it is important to have a clear view of your race path. An efficient camera and lens is therefore a factor to consider when choosing the best racing drone frame

Receiver and transmitter – A frequency match for transmitter and receiver in cases where the frame includes the receiver and transmitter. For the receiver and transmitter to work efficiently they must share or match the frequency. That way whatever feedback your camera sends to the receiver is relayed by the transmitter to the screen of your choice. Any cases of accidents and impacts are minimized

FPV racing space (indoors or outdoors) – Indoor racing is mostly carried out in closed spaces. When identifying the best racing quad copter frame for indoor races smaller 150mm frames may be ideal since control is essential because of the ceilings.

Top 5 Best racing drone frames

Smaller frames are efficient for proximity racing purposes.

The best FPV racing frames for outdoor activities require endurance and strength therefore frames that support 5” and 6” prop are preferable.

Spare parts and accessories- it is better to opt for a drone racing frame that has spares readily available. This is to ensure in case of a break down you do not have to replace the entire frame.

Motor and batteries protection- Racing frames are prone to crashing. A frame that has additional protective material and strategic location is always considered more efficient.

We will review some of the best racing drone frames to give you an upper hand as you go shopping for one.

1. Quadcopter Frame MRM SPAZ 6” Stretch Reaper

The MRM stretch Reaper redefines racing drones by slimming down the frame to the bare minimum. It offers super speeds and incredible turns and rolls.

The stretch reaper is a lightweight, competitive fpv racing frame. The dimensions of the Reaper are 265mm 5mm 88g arms and 6” props

MRM SPAZ 6 Stretch Reaper 265 FPV Racing Carbon Frame
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It also features

  1. · Replaceable arms
  2. · A standard 35mm and 20mm FC mounting
  3. · MRM’s high quality carbon
  4. · Integrated/ adjustable HS1177
  5. · Arrow mounting technology


  • Offers super speeds
  • It is flexible in terms of aerobic and aerial stunts performances
  • Durability
  • Suitable handles and reapers
If you titles were to go by pilot Thomas Bitmatta flew the MRM stretch reaper to the multi GP International Open spec race.

If opinion were to go by, the MRM Stretch Reaper is the ideal go to quad for me. Try it too it just might turn out to be the best racing drone frame you are missing!

2. Alien Racing Quadcopter Frame

The Alien FPV Frame is also rated among the best quad copter frame with a prestigious record of the Free Stye race.

Pilot Warra GP flew the Alien FPV to win the first place in freestyle race. At the final heat of the 216 Mexico Drone Fest in Guadalajara, the drone recorded; 4 laps: 53.473 sec, Kanahee ended in 2nd place with 53.814 sec.

The FPV racing drone frame is a quad copter, made out of pure carbon fibreframe225 4mm* 2mm* 1.5mm unassembled.

FPV Racing DroneFrame kit 225mm
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It features;

  1. A wheelbase 225mm
  2. 1.5mm and 2mm plates in the upper and lower body plates respectively
  3. Carbon fiber frame parts
  4. Aluminum columns
  5. Health screws
  6. Aluminum nuts and PCB

It comes with;

  • 1 set of camera lens holder
  • 1 set 225 FPV quad copter frame

Would be recommended for use with;

  • Motor 2204/2205/2206
  • ESC 12A/ 20A
  • Flight control CC3D/ NAZE32/ SP F3
  • Propeller 5030/5040/5045, 2 blades/3blades


  1. Durability
  2. Designed to sustain impacts
  3. Made of high quality pure carbon

3. USMILE QAV 210 FPV Racing Frame

The QAV is ranked among the best racing drone frames having won a title in the World drone Prix in Dubai, the world’s biggest and most lucrative drone race under the guide of Luke Bannister.

So, what does it feature?

The QAV 210 FPV frame is X- frame designed to facilitate stability, reduce resistance and allow smooth control and tuning.

Usmile 210mm 4mm X style Quadcopter Frame Kit
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It is made of 4mm carbon fiber plates on the bottom plate and 1.5mm on the top plate making it lightweight and impulse resistant.


  • It is durable
  • Offers amazing fast speeds
  • Easy to control and tune
  • Suitable for all skill level users

4.Lumenier QAV Carbon Fiber Mini Quad copter

The Lumenier mini quad copter is arguably among the best FPV Racing drone frames used by prominent racers like Charpu.

The mini quad copter features most of the features of the standard QAV 250 but incorporates added fiber protection benefits. It boasts of a 3k carbon fiber material that guarantees durability and crush resistance.

Lumenier QAV250 Carbon Fiber Mini Frame
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The assembly kit is lightweight about 122g. QAV 250 is symmetric 250mm, it has an airframe that accommodates 5” inch propellers, it also supports a 3s lipo set up and a powerful lumenier FX2206- 13 2000KV, FXC 1806- 14 2300KV or FXC 2206- 112350KV motors.


  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Resistance to crash impact

5. Gouduoduo2018 DIY FPV mini Racing Drone

The drone frame boasts of;

  • 5- inch wheel base 210mm, 4 inch wheelbase 180mm and 6 inch wheelbase 230mm
  • X-frame structure
  • An adjustable lens 0-60
  • 3k high strength carbon plates
  • Gorpro seats and adjustable angles
  • Capability of supporting HD1190, HS 1170, Swift, OVL and other lenses
  • YFS , 12.9 hard screws
  • Motor choices; 2204/ 2205/ 2206/ 2305/230a6
  • ESC 12A- 30Aa
  • Battery 3s1300mAh
GEP-TX quadcopter 3k carbon fiber frame
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  • Durable
  • Lightweight and impact resistance
  • Super speeds
  • Wider variety of motor choices


  • The package does not include cameras and batteries

The pros overlook the cons. It is an ideal racing drone frame that you should aspire to add on your collection of racing drone frames!

Consider adding at least one of these top racing drone frames to your collection if not all! Or begin your FPR racing career with one of these.

This is a remarkable racing drone frame accounting for super speeds of up to 145 mph during testing.

Conclusion for racing quadcopter frame

With activities like FPR drone racing enjoying much hype and positive energy. Competition, innovation and creativity continue to characterize drone racing. The first step is acquiring the best racing drone frame, review all the stated factors, put your priorities then go right into it.

Welcome to the club, drone racing is the future of sporting!

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