Best Goggles for FPV Racing

how to looking for Best Goggles for FPV RacingWhether you’re a newbie or experienced racer, if you looking for best goggles for FPV Racing or RTF drones such as DJI / Yuneec / 3DR / EACHINE / UPair etc, you are come the right place, now this article help you go into the details of the solution.

It is common knowledge that drones fpv racing has exponentially grown over recent times. Today, more people are becoming professional racers and are becoming very adept at fast racing.

In FPV (First Person Video or First Person View) racing of drones, the participants fly small quadcopters or radio controlled aircrafts fitted with miniature cameras while they wear displays on their head wherein one can see live streaming of the feed from these cameras.

What are goggles requirements for fpv racing?

If you are planning to start participating in this exciting game of drone racing, it is of vital important for you to first lay your eyes on a good FPV goggles.

The FPV goggles have been in vogue since the hobbyists flew their gliders, but today with the rise in the popularity of multirotors like the quadcopter, FPV goggles have attained a pinnacle in demand. The exotic experience of flying which the FPV goggles allows you is unimaginable.

Three best goggles for fpv racing

These FPV goggles are equipped with two tiny screens projecting the images from the camera fixed on the drone. This allows the pilot on the ground to see what the drone is seeing from the air giving it its name – FPV or First Person Video or First Person View.

How to choose best goggles for fpv racing?

Today, the well-known brands for FPV goggles in the industry are the Aomway, Eachine, Skyzone, Quanum (Hobbyking), Boscam, and Fatshark.

The basic factor to look for in choosing the best FPV goggles is whether you are comfortable with the Box Headset type or prefer the Compact type of goggles.

You might prefer the Box type of goggles since they are more comfortable and offer a larger field of view than the Compact goggles.

The other factor to look into while choosing FPV goggles is their price. A small monitor itself might cost you as little as $30, but a decent FPV goggles pair might set you as far back as $500. Hence, you will have to consider what finance or budget you are envisaging to spend on flying a FPV and then choose the required goggles.

Traditionally, the higher the resolution of a display monitor, the better will be the picture you can view and also the higher will be the price it commands. In today’s hi-tech world you may not yet enjoy a HD view from your goggles.

#1 Aspect ratios

There are at present only two common aspect ratios for FPV cameras, namely, 4:3 and 16:9 and it is mandatory that your FPV goggles should be of the identical aspect ratio.

Goggles aspect ratios

If there is a difference in the aspect ratios of the camera and the goggles, the picture you will be viewing will be distorted. Due to this un-synchronization between the aspect ratios of the camera and the goggles, the picture will either be too stretched or too squashed leaving the pilot much to desire for in the picture quality.

Nowadays, the most common aspect ratio Is only 4:3 but slowly the 16:9 is gaining popularity as it will offer much clarity and fun to the pilots.

#2 FOV

The FOV or field of view parameter is another factor to be considered while choosing a pair of goggles for FPV drones. The larger the FOV the more impressive will be the view.

googles Field of View

There is a built-in video recorder in the goggles enabling you to record the flight of your drone on a micro SD card. Some of these programs also allow playback for the recording on your goggles helping you to locate your aircraft if it crash lands.

There is also an alternative solution of getting an external recording system. The video receiver frequency may come along with your receiver and you may not have to purchase it separately.

#3 Headset color

The color of the headset is a preference you may like to personally choose. There are various colors for the headsets, though you may note that dark colors like black get hot very easily in the sun.

There is a tracking system available for your head which enables the camera to move synchronized with your head giving you an exotic experience of FPV flying.

Headset color

The inter-pupillary distance or better known as the IPD adjustability allows positioning the pupils of both eyes within the exit pupils of the viewer.

There will be diverse receivers, normally two, and each equipped with a separate antenna whereby the pictures will have different quality and you may choose the one receiver which you like.

What are best goggles for fpv racing and Why?

The FatShark is the most dominating brand in the market and it is said that 95% of all FPV racers are using FatShark goggles.

1. The Dominator V3 Goggles

Fat Shark Dominator V3 goggleThe Dominator V3 is the best of these FPV goggles for the intermediaries who are aspiring to become professionals and who would not like to spend $200 on a Dominator HD V2.

These goggles ideally support 720p and are provided with HDMI connectivity. These goggles has modular bays enabling support for various bands from 1.3GHz to 5GHz.You also have the facility to use the Trinity head tracker, though it is not advisable to use your head to control the aircraft.

This Dominator V3 being of a modular design, you can add upgrades whenever you want to increase the functions available. This goggles operate on a 1800mAH battery which can be charged with a regular RC charger.

2. FatShark Dominator HD V2 Goggles

Dominator HD V2

The FatShark Dominator HD V2 offers you all the best features with a massive display of 50 degrees FOV. It also offers SVGA 800 x 600, the highest resolution available for any FPV goggles.

These are really pro goggles meant for the expert FPV racers. They also come with their own DVR which is built-in enabling you to locate your drone if ever it gets lost. It is even equipped with an HDMI input ensuring that it is compatible with upcoming models which will be running the futuristic Amimom racing link.

This Dominator HD V2 is operatable with a revised version of 1800mAH battery which can be attached to the pocket of the ehad-strap on the headset. It comes along with a HDMI and 3m AV cables with adapters for mini to standard and mini to macro.

3. Arris Skyzone SKY-01s Goggle

Skyzone SKY-01S FPV AIO Video Goggles

The Arris Skyzone SKY-01S offers this FPV goggles which is one of the best products in today’s market. The goggles come with 854 x 480 WVGA resolution accompanied by a receiver offering 40 channels. It is equipped with a button for you to adjust the settings for contrast and brightness as per your wish.

Best FPV goggles Comparison chart

FPV gogglesDominatorV3Dominator HD V2Skyzone SKY01s
Resolution800×480 WVGA800 x 600 HD854X480 WVGA
Field of View30°50°30°
Head TrackingYesYesYes
Headset ColourBlue-whiteGrayBlack
One screen DisplayYesYesYes
IPD59 to 69 mmunknown60-68mm
Battery7.4v 1800 mAh7.4V/1000mAh7.4V 1000mAh
Weight152 g181g300g
Sale Price

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Considering what is available in the market, the FatShark is the best company for FPV racing goggles, but that might very well change with time!

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