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How To Choose The Best FPV Fatshark Goggles Battery

If you have Head-play or Fatshark FPV goggles, but looking for best Fatshark battery for long flight sessions, you are come to the right place. Here will tell you how to choose high capacity fpv goggles battery and how to charge fatshark battery (Including Fatshark Dominator V3 HD3 ATTITUDE V3 V4 battery etc.)

Best FPV Fatshark Goggles Battery
Best FPV Fatshark Goggles Battery

Things need to consider when choosing fatshark goggle battery?

1. Weight

As we know, goggle is wear on our head, more weight is mean that you will feel very tired when you are racing. Don’t let that stop you from flying your best. Therefore, choose the battery as lighter as possible.

FPV racing emphasis on speed, weight is one important factor. Not only that, But in my experience, fatshark goggle battery is equal importance for the whole.

Finding the right goggle battery, you will have more fun within your flying 10-15 mins.

2. Usage times

You maybe found that most of goggle batteries capacity between 1000mAh and 2500mAh, more capacity more usage times. Though it’s only 10-15mins for one FPV event racing, in fact, before the racing you should need more time to test your FPV, and then left enough power to your goggle for the event.

Generally, you should purchase high capacity battery to keep flying your drone that continue to find fulfilling.

3. Price

Everyone wish get the best goggle battery with cheaper price, but “A penny goods” is the everlasting truth, one of the important reasons for the owners to buy a fake, is blindly cheap. Therefore, before you purchasing battery, make sure that you choose the right brand. I think you will always be attracted to nice product and nice brands, such as Crazepony, Hyperion, Hyperion, Hyperion, Tattu etc.

Best fatshark goggle battery

#1. Fat Shark 1800mAh High Capacity Headset Battery

Fat Shark 7.4V 1.8A headset battery pack with LED indicator is a high capacity battery for long flight days. The LED indicator allows you to easily check remaining pack life before taking off.

Fat Shark 1800mAh High Capacity Headset Battery
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#2. 18650 Li-Ion Cell Battery Holder Goggle Headset Battery Case

This battery holder, once the 18650 batteries are inserted will provide a 7.4V nominal voltage for use with existing Fat Shark goggles and fits into head strap like standard Fat Shark battery packs. Large capacity when used with high capacity cells.

18650 Li-Ion Cell Battery Holder Goggle Headset Battery Case for Fat shark
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#3. Quanum FPV Headset Battery 7.4V 1500mAh

Double the capacity of the standard pack supplied with most goggles for a modest 15g weight increase! With a handy self-adhesive clip supplied for convenient headstrap mounting, standard charge/discharge and balance leads, this high capacity battery is a must for serious FPV’ers.

Quanum FPV Headset Battery 7.4V 1500mAh
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#4. Hyperion 1300mAh 2S 7.6V G6 HV Lipo Battery

Hyperion G6 HV Hardcase Lipo for FPV goggles offer more capacity per weight compared to original FatShark FAS-BAT-HS1A battery. The G6 1300mAh HV is about the same shape, size and weight as a G3 standard-voltage 1150mAh hardcase pack of same C-rate, but delivers about 10% more flight time!

Hyperion 1300mAh 2S 7.6V G6 HV Lipo Battery
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How to charge fatshark battery?

Yes, many pilots face to this question that can not charge if connect the battery balance lead to balance charger.

Why? That’s because it’s not a true balance lead. The Fatshark goggles have an internal balancer, which is why they removed the 3rd wire from the balance plug.

1. Using an official Fatshark battery charger.

2. The solution is to go to settings and turn off the “Bal Connection” alarm. Then charge in Lipo Charge mode, not fast or balanced or anything else. Don’t plug the balance plug in . Set it to less or equal to 1C (Don’t too high to kill your fpv goggles battery) and charge away.

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