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Best Fixed Wing Drones: Top 5 you can buy on the market

Best fixed wing drones
Best fixed wing drones

A fixed wing drone, is a type of drone that, opposite to rotary wing drones, they have a shape much more similar to a plane rather than a helicopter. Finding the best fixed wing drone is not easy, as there are so many options available in the market.

Drones are crewless planes capable of maintaining a controlled and steady flight by a combustion engine.

As most of inventions, their first use was military, providing the ability to either bomb or spy enemy land without the risk of having human life’s that can eventually fall behind enemy lines. These drones of course cost millions of dollars on research and manufactured. However, over time, a more civilian use started to happen towards the beginning of the decade in smaller, easier and cheaper vehicles.

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Best fixed Wing Drones List
Fixed wings droneKey FeaturesWhere to buy
Convergence VTOL BNFDesigned by champion pilot Mike McConvilleBuy on Amazon
X-VERT VTOL BNFOutstanding speed & climb performanceBuy on Amazon
TheoryTM Type W FPV200mW 5.8ghz video transmitter

without worry about video issues

Buy on Amazon
Reptile S800 SKY SHADOWStreamlined design, high speed

and low wind resistance

Buy on Amazon
Parrot Disco FPVUp to 45 minutes of flight time

50 mph top speed

Buy on Amazon
Here is a review of incredible fixed wing drones available online, their features, advantages and general uses.

Best fixed Wing Drones Reviews

1. Convergence VTOL & BNF Basic

Convergence VTOL BNF Basic
Buy It On Amazon

It is a VTOL category drones. It means – Vertical Takeoff and Landing -, these drones can leave the floor and come back at the same spot, this is because even though it has fixed wings and airplane shape, it has two engines with an initial working angle parallel to the floor, then after takeoff, they can be switch to a perpendicular position to gain into easy straight flying. The stability, and easy to use controls makes this drone perfect for aerial photo shooting plus it is so quiet than it creates option for video recording as well.

This incredible drown is extremely easy to maneuver, the exclusive flight control software and its automated transition feature lets you change the engine positions with only a switch. Perfect for either angle limits and self-leveling or aerobatics. It also brings an optional FVP-ready slot as camera and video transmitter mounting stations. The stability mode allows for the automatic self-leveling of the drone. This makes the Convergence VTOL BNF Basic one of the best fixed wing drone for aerial photography.

Why we recommend it:

It is made by a first-class company that offers a wide variety of quality fixed wing drones. It is extremely light (Only 771 grams) that assure great stability and high speed. Also the automated transition in between flight modes makes this drone a great choice as it helps maintain stability. On the down side you will need to buy separately the channel transmitter, the batteries and the 3s compatible LiPo charger.


Buy It On Amazon

Another great drone by E-flite, has also VTOL capability, it is one of the lightest models in the market with only 7.0 Oz (200 grams) of weight. It can be hand lunched and also it can be belly-landed so it is great for landing and takeoff on small areas. The transition in between the multirotor mode and the airplane flight is very easy as it is operated by a single switch.

It is an extremely fun model with professional specs, it will not only be just “eyes in the sky” but it will be a full tool in the sky for the user. And if you are looking for some extra fun you can the flying experience to the next level by adding the sero-driven FPV camera mount that automatically transitions the system whenever the X-Vert is switched between airplane and multirotor flight mode.

Why we recommend it:

One of the main reasons to recommend this drone over the other one by E-flite is that this one is much smaller with a wingspan of only 504 mm and an overall length of 264 mm. This size makes this drone lighter by more than half versus the other one, making it extremely easy to be landed or to takeoff in very small areas. It is just so easy to do your aerial acrobats as you can choose easily between slow or fast speed, no complications. It comes with two specific modes (Stability and Acro) that gives the user a wide range of flying options.

Also, on the down side, you still need to buy separately the transmitter, the battery and the compatible charger.

3. Theory Type W FPV Equipped BNF Basic Aircraft

TheoryTM Type W FPV Equipped
Buy It On Amazon

This eye-catching fixed wing drone made by Blade Helis it has an incredible plane design that enhances the incredible action of a first person view like in the videogames with a high performance aircraft that is still, even though we mention such high standard attributes, extremely easy to fly.

It comes with fully integrated flight components such as digital metal gear servos, stabilization technology at blazing speeds. It has room for a mobius or legend style HD video camera allowing the recording of a high-speed journey.

The Blade is a great fixed wing drone. It is very easy to assemble. A regular timing would be of about an hour. The V-wing shape deliver outstanding performance that is user friendly even when it is used for the first time. The HD camera allows the pilot the ability to record their high-speed soaring and watch it repeatedly. On the down side, it has a very low flight duration, it is only about 10 minutes long, lastly it only has two speeds, fast and slow. These reason makes this fixed wing drone a drone for advance users and only recommended for outside.

Why we recommend it

This is a great model with a medium size and weight and also it has no flaps and no retracts for a steady flight. However, on the downside it only has 5 minutes of flying autonomy. And also you have to buy separately the multi-function transmitter, the compatible FPVC Headset and the battery charger.

4. Reptile S800 SKY SHADOW Wing EPP FPV Fixed Wings

Reptile S800 SKY SHADOW Gliders PNP
Buy It On Amazon

This V-shape fixed wing drone by Reptile is a very good option if you are just looking for an economic model so you can train your drone abilities. However, it is not recommended for pilots who have not yet mastered the basis of fixed wings drones, as it is not easy to get the right stability from this model.

The 700TVL camera captures great pictures and videos with clear footage, plus the incorporated transmitter allows for real-time image transmission

A very interesting model if you are already familiar with the fixed wing drone flying technique, this unique model is made of EPP foam makes the model incredible tough and durable, but yet lightweight with only 170 grams to fly around with.

Why we recommend it:

It is a great PNP drone (PNP stands for plug and play), with a medium size and weight that includes a 3-channel radio. Plus, the EPP foam material design makes it very light yet strong design.

5. Parrot Disco FPV

Parrot Disco FPV
Buy It On Amazon

This awesome fixed wing model is incredible. Even though it may be a little bit more expensive than the other models it has it perks. First, it is design by a major brand such as Parrot that guaranties a high standard of quality. It allows for ultra precise piloting an extended range up to 1.2 miles from the controller.

The battery is a high capacity one with 2700mAh allowing up to 45 minutes of flight.

This great model is one of the best fixed wing drones of its price range. It is extremely easy to fly as it comes with an automatic takeoff and landing function, assisted piloting controls, anti-stall system and the great return home functionality, which means just order it and it will come back by itself.

And of course, the FPV googles gives the real-life flight experience that no other model does. Furthermore, it can be sync with the phone app available for Android and IOS in which besides seeing your camera footage it will save your routes, photos, films and data.

Why we recommend it

The main reason we would recommend this drone is the flight speed that it can get, which is up to 50 mph plus a flying range of 1.2 miles around. Furthermore, having a flying autonomy of 45 minutes makes this drone a great choice. Also, it comes with everything you need, no need to go buying separately items.

The advantages of fixed wing drone
The advantages of fixed wing drone

What’s the advantage of fixed wing

1. Flight time

Since they are very energy effective as they only need to use energy to move forward not just to hold themselves. The fixed wing drones have a longer flight time than regular drones. Depending on the model, a regular fixed wing drone battery while being operated can last almost up to 2 hours.

2. Longer Range

Fixed wing drones indeed do have longer operating ranges which allows them to be more useful for larger scale geographical purposes. Depending on the model they can go from 500 meters all the way up to 25 kilometers away (Always referring to amateur drones and not professional drones, in which they can go much more kilometers away).

3. Carrying weight

This is probably one of the fields that drones need to be develop further. Even today with great advances, regular fixed wing drones can hold a weight of between 500 grams to maybe 15 pounds (Including the drone’s weight).

In general, heavy lifting, it is only a problem for militaries or couriers that needs to deliver heavy loads, in residential use a small weight support is all people need as the most they may attach is either a camera, or an infrared camera, anyhow they do not weight more than 500 grams.

4. High-speed

Due to aerodynamic design, fixed wing drones tend to go to a higher speed that all other drones. Since they use different systems for getting in the air and moving forward, each necessity is maximized to the limit. A regular fixed wing drone can go up to 60 mph, while a rotary drone has trouble getting all the way up to 50 mph, and even if they do achieve that speed they become very unstable.

Fixed wing drones applications
Fixed wing drones applications

Fixed Wing Drone’s Applications

1. Agriculture

It is by far one of the fields in which drones are revolutionizing the field. Now it is common to hear about precision agriculture which uses the latest data and technology while exploiting the soil. In 2017, it is estimated that a total of 20 million drones are going to be sold, of which more than 1/3 will have agriculture means.

They are used for precision application of pesticides. Non-precision application brings environmental consequences as the pesticide goes where it is not needed and loss of money due to unnecessary appliance.

Another great inside of fixed wing drones in agriculture is the possibility for a quick and efficient eye control of the field with real time camera footage that it is displayed directly on the farmers screen. Furthermore, infrared cameras allow to elaborate indexes of healthiness of the agriculture as the infrared camera picks up the amount of light that it is reflected by the plants which is a direct status of their health.

2. Mapping

Drones are innovating in general topography gaining a great standard as the state of the art technology. The drones, and especially the fixed wing drones provides 3D topographic points, blueprints with vector’s cartography, orthographic metric and photography, allowing for a more rigorous work even better that the ones that were done by regular instruments for 3d.

These features are great for engineering and architectural developments as it gives them the possibility to examine the construction site, develop new plans and more without the man power or eventual risks that going in a human ocular expedition may bring especially in risks zones.

The advantage of mapping with fixed winged drones are clear:

· Reliability

· Efficiency

· Wide range and high performance

· Documentation and information

· Cost and security


Fixed wing drones are being used more and more for private surveillance, as they provide an aerial and almost invisible way to see a property. It allows to control vast areas with only one drone. It delivers information in real time with high HD resolution plus options like infrared cameras allows to detect different levels of heat on a place.

As everything with drones, since there is no human crew flying the plane, there is no risk for actual people. They are very reliable and almost imperceptible.

However, the battery length of the drones is still one of the bigger issues as the market drones can last at the best somewhere between 10 minutes to 30 minutes. This does not allow for an all-night surveillance unless the drone is either replace by another one or the battery is recharged

4. Aerial Photography

Drones are a great option when it comes to aerial photography for several reasons. First, the real-time camera allows the drone to get actual footage of whatever it is filming. It completely eliminates the human risk of falling as the controller is on ground floor.

It is great for taking pictures of landscapes, buildings, construction site, natural reserves, and much more With the GPS integrated technology.


In conclusion, whether it is to have fun or with a particular use, the fixed wing drones are a great option and that is why our list of the best fixed wing drone either for aerial photography, mapping and much more is an excellent place to check which aircraft is the best for you.

They are cost effective, easy to use and they reduce completely the human risk out of the operation. Plus, with the GPS integrated technology the user can specify at “coordinate level” the actual route and where to aim the camera and take the shots with incredible precision.

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