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Best DJI Phantom Battery Upgrade For 2, 3 And 4

When looking for the best DJI phantom battery upgrade, you need to consider where your drone is phantom 2, 3 or 4. Although there are numerous Lipo batteries in the market, phantom drones are quite choosy. In fact, phantom drones use intelligent batteries only. For that reason, you need to be careful when getting a battery for your drone. Here are the best Lipo batteries for your Phantom 2, 3 and 4.

It is advisable that you charge the battery fully before using it. And, it’s also advisable that you use one flight as a test so that you can confirm whether the battery is in a good condition or not. Using a battery without following these steps can be risky for your drone.

Best DJI phantom battery upgrade for 2, 3 and 4

Best DJI Phantom 2, 3 and 4 Battery Upgrade

BatteryPhantom typePriceVoltagePower
PowerextraPhantom 2$11.1V5200
DJI-P3Phantom 3$15.2V4480
PowerextraPhantom 3$15.2V4480
DJIPhantom 4$15.2V5350

Upgrade Battery for DJI Phantom 3 Battery

DJI phantom 3 battery upgrade

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If you own a phantom 3 drone, you probably require a better performing Lipo battery. This DJI battery is exactly what you need if you want to have excellent results. With an intelligent charging, you never have to worry about it. And yes, it features some a DJI pilot app which gives you an opportunity to monitor the cell health as well as the remaining charge.

Of course, it is only compatible with phantom 3 drones only. You can also access the on-board power check which gives you detailed information on the overall state of your battery ‘s power consumption. The design used to make this battery is quite ergonomic and user-friendly. Given its power of 4480 mAh, you can trust it to offer enough flight time with a single charge. Its 15.2 V means that it is quite sufficient for your phantom 3 drone. It comes in a simple slide-design which eliminates the need for unnecessary connections and bulky wiring. And yes, it’s a 4S battery!

Apart from the fact that it comes in one colour which isn’t much of an issue to most people, this DJI phantom 3 battery upgrade boasts an impressive power rating which gives it a sufficient flight time. It also comes in a simple slide design which eliminates the need for unnecessary connections.
  • Its power is impressive.
  • Offers outstanding flight-time.
  • The price is also convenient for its calibre.
  • Comes in a simple-slide design
  • Comes in a white colour thus fails to give a room for options.

Powerextra Lipo Intelligent Replacement Battery for DJI Phantom 3

Powerextra Lipo Intelligent Replacement battery for DJI Phantom 3
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This is yet another option available for phantom 3 owners. It is a replacement battery and is slightly cheaper than the DJI-P3 one. It offers some excellent features as well as is not that bad for your phantom 3 drone. If you are looking for a cheaper option battery for your phantom 3, this is the battery to go for. And, of course, it is an intelligent battery.

With a 4480 mAh power, it can fly for between 15 to 23 minutes with a single charge only. This makes it quite reliable although not as effective as the earlier one. Although its flight time is not the best we have in the market, it is quite convenient for a battery of its calibre. It’s worth noting that flight time is, in most cases, affected by various external factors including obstacles and air resistance.

It comes with a 15.2V voltage which makes it quite convenient as well. With this voltage, it guarantees a awesome performance. As you might have noticed, the voltage rate is similar to all these batteries. 15.2V is convenient for most phantom batteries.

It comes with built-in LED indicators which give detailed information on the general condition of the battery such as the amount of power remaining. All you need to do is touch the button and the information is displayed. Of course, this gives you an opportunity to decide whether you can charge your battery or not.

It is compatible with numerous phantom 3 chargers such as phantom 3 professional, phantom-3 standard, phantom 4K and phantom 3 advanced. Thus makes it quite handy since you can use its charger interchangeably with your other drones without having to purchase a charger for each one of them. This is one way or the other cuts down on the overall cost and saves some bucks for you.

Its multi-protect system protects it against over-charging, under-charging, and short-circuiting. And of course, just like all the other Powerextra batteries, it is fully certified by RoHS and CE security standards.

Although it has the same voltage as its DJI counterpart, this replacement battery comes in a much lower price which makes it quite convenient for any phantom 3 owner who doesn’t want to spend much on a battery. It’s also fully certified and its safety system is quite effective.
  • Fully certified.
  • It’s cheaper.
  • Comes with safety system.
  • Its flight time is not that impressive.

DJI Phantom 4 Battery Upgrade

DJI phantom 4 battery upgrade

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If you own a phantom 4 drone, you definitely ought to get this battery. Given its impressive features, you can’t be wrong about it. With a 5350 mAh power, its performance is simply top-notch. It offers impressive flight time. And yes, its 15.2V voltage is sufficient for a phantom 4 drone.

The battery is specially designed for phantom 4 with all the necessary features put in place to facilitate effective operation. It comes with enhanced built-in sensors and LEDs which monitor power requirements and consumption. If you are looking for a quality battery for your drone, this is your bet.

It also has sufficient safety measures put in place to prevent over-charging and undercharging as well as short circuiting.

Given the features put in place such as an excellent safety system coupled with its impressive power rating, this upgrade battery is quite effective for your phantom 4 drone. It’s price, although not so cheap, is convenient for a battery of its calibre.
  • Its power is sufficient.
  • Has features put in place to enhance safety.
  • Perhaps the mono-colour is an issue for some people.

DJI Phantom 2 Battery Upgrade

DJI phantom 2 battery upgrade

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This is one of the Lipo batteries available for phantom 2. It is upgraded for the latest firmware and offers excellent performance with phantom 2 drones. Given its 5,200 mAh power, it can offer up to 25 minutes of continuous and uninterrupted flight. This is quite convenient for a battery of its calibre.

And yes, its price is also pocket-friendly making it really convenient for anyone with a phantom 2. Its built-in LED indicator notifies the user on the amount of power used and how much is remaining. This is quite crucial since it allows you to decide whether to re-charge your battery or not depending on the amount of charge still available.

What ‘s more, it comes with a safety system which ensures prevents over-charging and over-discharging. It also comes with a short circuiting protection. It is compatible with several phantom 2 chargers such as Phantom 2 vision, DJI phantom 2 and phantom 2+. And yes, it’s fully safe for use since it complies with both RoHS and CE standards.

Its power rating makes it quite convenient and gives it an increased flight time. It marks a front leap from all the other phantom 2 batteries thanks to its impressive safety system and outstanding features like an LED indicator.
  • Compatible with numerous phantom 2 chargers.
  • Its price is pocket friendly.
  • 4. It comes with safety system which guarantees your safety.
  • It has impressive features like an LED indicator.
  • For the cons, perhaps the fact that it is available in white colour gives no room for selection.
In conclusion

If you want to get a quality DJI phantom battery upgrade for your drones, you need to explore the options listed above. And, of course, you should get a battery that works for your drone depending on whether it’s phantom 2, 3 or 4.

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