Best battery for 250 quadcopter

What are battery requirements for 250 quadcopter?

As we know, you should mainly consider battery capacity,C-rate and voltage when looking for lipo battery hight performance for fpv racing quadcopter. You can read the original article how to choose battery for quadcopter .

What would be the 250mm FPV racing best battery size? Yes, today we have to answer this question though it’s very hard to test and get the results. Let’s take an example for what 250 quadcopter FPV you have?

For example,

Your FPV quadcopter parts:

  1. Frame: Emax 250 Pro Pure Carbon Fibre Frame
  2. Flight Controller:CC3D Atom
  3. Motor:Emax MT2204 2300Kv
  4. Propeller:Gemfan 5045
  5. ESC:KISS 20A

Then you want to purchase the right size lipo battery for it.

#1. 250 FPV target C-rating

what is targe C-rating? It is based on an estimated draw at full power of quadcopter motors. Now your FPV targe C-rating is 65A from the Emax MT2204 2300Kv motors. It mean that you have to choose lipo battery, which discharge rating is more than 65A.

Battery Discharge Rating calculate formula is: Discharge Rating = Ah x C-rating.

If you want to use 45C lipo, you have to choose the battery capacity is more than 1.5Ah (1.44Ah = 65A/45C) .

If you want to use 75C lipo, you have to choose the battery capacity is more than 0.9Ah (0.87Ah = 65A/75C) .

In my opinion, 75C 1300mah lipo battery discharge rating is 97.5A, which it’ s very great can provide enough power and have enough headroom to upgrade props than above lipo batteries.

#2. About 250 quadcopter C-rating

We should notice that C-rating can not be tested out, need independent tests by electronic tool. There are a lot of batteries make oversized in C-rating on the market. Generally, need hight performance for FPV racing event, 75C or higher is perfect.

#3. 250 quadcopter battery matching chart

Make a conclusion, what’s the best battery for 250 quadcopter? I maked a matching chart as below for advising on choosing lipo battery for 250 quadcopter. Mainly, all lipo battery in 1300mAh-1800mAh,3s or 4s,45C-95C are suitable in 250 FPV quadcopters.

Frame SizeProp SizeMotor SizeMotor KVLipo battery
250mm6 inch2204 – 22082000KV -2300KV1300mAh – 1800mAh

Best battery brands recommended for 250 quadcopter

There are so many battery brands on the market, which one do you would like to select? As below, listed a few battery brands, some point of views are collected from experienced pilots on the internet. If have any questions please tell me, Thank you.


Tattu are one of the top LiPo battery manufacturers from China around in terms of performance and quality in general.Most people think that these batteries perform well, especially the R-LINE 95C rated packs.

Tattu’s cell chemistry is especially developed for UAV demands like: Energy/IR/Safety.

Some pilots maybe said these batteries are abit more expensive that other brands, but they are worth paying abit more for, especially if you are carrying expensive equipment on your quadcopter.They come in almost all variations and last pretty long. These come with a dean’s connector. Note that they are not the cheapest of the lot though, so if you want something cheaper, read on.

Tattu Official Online Shop


Here at Done Insdier we use Drone labs for the simple reason that they have the best mix of quality and price competitiveness. We tend to use the 1500mah batters for our 250 quads and get 3 to 4 minute flight times. We have 15 1500mah which we use for flights and general testing and as of yet they haven’t puffed and we bought them 4 months ago. The only issues we do have with them is that they come out quite warm after a hard flight, however with LIPO technology where it is, this is to be expected. All in all a very good battery which we could not recommend highly enough.

best battery for 250 quadcopter


Smc-1300-3s-1-600x450SMC are new to the miniquad market, but they have been in the RC Car industry for a while now. Reports of these lipos are excellent, and we are very impressed by their punch out performance especially near the end of the pack. Pilot Mr Steele is also said to be a fan. A unique feature of these lipos is that they steer away from the C rating that most of the industry uses. These are hugely inflated for the vast majority of lipos out there and there is no industry standard for how to measure the C rating! So manufacturers can simply put any number they wish! However SMC are trying to change this and have a rigorous testing procedure to determine the “true” C rating of a pack.

Shop SMC Lipo Battery

Turnigy Zippy Graphene

Hobbyking sell a huge selection of RC products and quadcopters, Turnigy are very popular because they offer great performance for very low prices. I have used many of these batteries and although they do work very we however these batteries are great value for money for hobby drone builds.

Turnigy batteries. In terms of durability and performance, we think it is pretty close to the Gens Ace. Overall life cycle of the battery though, is not be as good as the Gens Ace. Nevertheless these are awesome, especially considering you can get them for cheaper.

Zippy batteries are great, especially when it comes down to value for money and best when it comes to price vs performance ratio. It is one of the cheapest and will get the job done. Though not as great as the brands listed above, they are good at delivering good performance and are pretty durable too, for the price.

Nano-tech, is not quite high enough and the voltage lag and subsequent puffing does begin to become an issue and the lower C versions of this battery are not a really feasible for miniquads. we do recommend them for beginner to medium fliers and especially for those fliers who don’t push their quads too far.

Graphene,Though still new and not fully tested the Turnigy Graphenes have been getting some positive feed back from the community, many pilots are finding the Graphenes are cooler after a flight and they seem to have quite good life spans. They have also been measuring very low resistance rates, sometimes as low as 1.2Ohms . They also have been shown to maintain very respectable discharge rates as well as extremely high charge rates

One major benefit we found with the Turnigy is that the brand manufactures pretty good battery chargers and other battery related accessories. So if you want to pick a brand that offers everything LiPo battery related and stay with it for consistency, we recommend Turnigy!

Shop Turnigy Zippy Graphene Lipo Battery

Ready MadeRC

RMRC has a wide range of LiPo batteries in various cell counts, discharge rates, and milliamp hours.

Battery accessories such as Velcro straps and LED voltage testers are also available. but ReadyMadeRc is a small company which employees less than ten and less professional than Tattu.

I do not suggest you buy the cheaper battery which are writed on paper in terms of specifications, it is too cheaper to be practical, less cycle life, reduce flight times, less power.

Shop Ready MadeRC Lipo Battery


ThunderPower batteries deserve a spot here because we think that it may be the best in terms of performance. It is probably the most popular among competitive RC enthusiasts. We found it to fall short when it comes to durability, however.

Do note that these are some of the most expensive batteries out there so if you think might will crash a lot, it might not be worth getting these.

Shop ThunderPower Lipo Battery

what’s the best battery for 250 quadcopter? After reading these informations which battery brand will you purchase? if you do not know or hesitates, please read it again or leave your messages on here, that’s welcome.

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