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How to choose the best antenna for Fatshark goggles

When looking for the best antenna for Fatshark goggles, it is possible to make mistakes. This is because of their high numbers and varied designs.

However, armed with the right information, getting the right product is just a snap! Which is this right information? Knowing what to look for, what options to explore and what each option offers is the information you need to have at your fingertips in order to get the right products.

Fatshark immersion antennaBefore we address all that, it is important to note that there are 4 basic choices when it comes to FPV antennas. And yes, it is advisable that the type used on the receiver is different from the one used on the transmitter. The four choices are:

  1. Circular Polarized Omni Directional.
  2. Linear Polarized Omni Directional.
  3. Linear Polarized directional.
  4. Circular polarized directional.

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What should you look for when buying an antenna for Fatshark goggles?

Whenever you are looking for the best antenna for Fatshark goggles, there are numerous parameters which need to be used as a guide. Any antenna which satisfies these parameters passes the test. Although getting an antenna that satisfies all the requirements is quite a task, it is advisable that you get one that satisfies most of the requirements. These parameters include:

1. Polarization:

Polarization type greatly affects the quality of video you can get. It all depends on how far you are willing to fly as well as the frequency you intend to use for your Fatshark goggle.

Higher frequencies can result in interferences especially when you are using linear polarized antennas. These interferences in one way or the other affect the overall reception or transmission of video signals.

The solution to this is ensuring that you use circular polarized antennas for both antenna and the transmitter. This way, you are able to rectify the situation.

How does circular polarization stop interferences? Basically, circular polarizations ignore reflected Radio Frequencies which in turn reduce chances of your receiver noticing their presence.

This way, interference is highly minimized. Using linear polarization especially for 5.8GHz would result in very poor image quality due to interference given the fact that this kind of frequency is highly prone to reflected RF.

2. Direction:

The direction of your antenna is also another important aspect which needs to be addressed. You need to ensure that you pick the correct direction in order to get the best video and image quality. As earlier pointed out, you could either use directional or Omni directional antennas. While directional antennas listen and receive transmissions from one direction, Omni-directional antennas listen and receive from all directions.

Fatshark Mushroom antenna

Which is the best one for your Fatshark goggle? Although the answer might depend on several factors, I personally go for Omni-directional. Why is that? Well, when flying your FPV drone, you will definitely want to receive transmissions from all directions. While linear antennas restrict you to one direction, Omni-directional antennas will ensure that you get all the transmissions without much hassle.

At the same time, linear directional restricts you to only fly your FPV in front of the antenna which limits how much fun you can have. For anyone wishing to have some awesome time with their FPV drones, I would recommend that they use circular Omni directional antennas. Being circular guarantees high-quality images while being Omni-directional allows you to freely sail across the sky.

3. Frequency:

Frequency is also an important aspect that one needs to consider before purchasing any FPV antenna for their Fatshark. While higher frequencies remain quite reliable, it is important for you to ensure that the frequency of your antenna matches that of your system. Getting a frequency of like 5.8GHz is quite convenient since the antenna delivers awesome image quality.

4. The gain:

What is a gain in relation to antennas? Basically, a gain is the measure of the strength and power an antenna. It is commonly expressed in decibels. The number of decibels for any antenna is always indicated. You need to get an antenna with an impressive gain if at all you want to get quality images.

5. The price:

Although the price happens to be a minor consideration, it is advisable that you also consider it. This is because the price is a rough indicator of what to expect. Highly priced antennas are not necessarily the best. However, it is important that we get an antenna whose price is convenient. After all, we also need to save some few bucks while at the same time get quality work done!

The best antenna for Fatshark goggles

Which are the best antennas for Fatshark goggles?

The best antennas for Fatshark goggles need to satisfy the parameters mentioned above. There are numerous antennas which have satisfied these requirements. They include:

1. Fatshark immersion RC 5.8 GHz Circular polarized antenna.

With a frequency of 5.8GHz, this antenna is quite awesome. And yes, given the fact that it is a circular polarized antenna, interference is never an issue when you use it!

2. TBS 5.8 GHz circular polarized triumph antenna.

TBS is yet another reputable name in this field. The frequency of 5.8GHz is not only amazing but also quite reliable. It is a circular polarized antenna as well which makes it quite reliable.

3. Menace Invader patch antenna.

Menace invader is an Omni directional antenna which guarantees top notch performance. And yes, its price is a clear reflection of its unparalleled quality.

4. 1pcs Fatshark Immersion RC 5.8 GHz antenna.

Fatshark immersion RC offers a 5.8GHz frequency as well as an awesome image quality. The price is also convenient for an antenna of its calibre. This is the antenna you should go for if you are looking for quality images.

5. Fusuno FPV Helical axial antenna.

What is more striking about this antenna is its unique design coupled with its amazing performance and affordable price. If you want to break away from the norm, this is the antenna to go for.

6. Fatshark 5.8GHz Circular polarized mushroom antenna.

Fatshark Circular polarized antenna is yet another awesome product worth your cash. Given its frequency, interference is never an issue. And yes, image quality is a thumbs-up!

7. Fatshark Dominator V2 antenna.

As the name suggest, this antenna is a real dominator. Given its frequency and polarization, it is quite impressive. And yes, its gain is also quite amazing.

8. Long range FPV Combo antenna.

This is a long range antenna. It gives one an opportunity to have fun with their drone across a wide range. If you want to have some great time with your drone while taking some awesome images, this is the antenna to go for.

9. Fatshark 5.8 GHz Omni-directional antenna.

Being an Omni-directional antenna, this Fatshark Omni-directional antenna is quite amazing. The price is also affordable and quite convenient for its quality.

10. Cloverleaf SMA Antenna.

Cloverleaf SMA Antenna is also quite reliable. Given its frequency and polarization, you can never be wrong about it!

Antenna comparison chart table

Fatshark immersionSMA5.8GHzCircularCheck Price
TBS antennaSMA5.8GHzCircularCheck Price
Menace InvaderSMA5.8GHzCircularCheck Price
Fusuno Helical axialSMA5.8GHzCircularCheck Price
Long range Fatshark antennaSMA5.8GhzCircularCheck Price
Fatshark DominatorSMA5.8GHzCircularCheck Price
Fatshark Mushroom antennaSMA5.8GHzCircularCheck Price
Cloverleaf antennaSMA5.8GHzCircularCheck Price


In a nutshell, although there are so many antennas for your Fatshark goggle, you need to ensure that you get one that satisfies all the requirements. Getting a poor antenna can be quite irritating and frustrating especially when you want to use your drone to take images.

You need to ensure that our antennas have sufficient frequencies in order to be able to capture quality images. At the same time, you also need to get an antenna with the right polarization. The direction also needs to be keenly observed in order to ensure quality images.

Finally, although the price is not so crucial, it needs to be considered as well. Get something that will not cost too much but not necessarily the cheapest. Armed with this information, you can always get an awesome best antenna for your Fatshark goggles.

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