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Excellent Match With The Best 180 Quadcopter Frame

When I decide to start finding out the best 180 quadcopter frame for racing, I spend a bit of time watching videos and reading personal blogs of experienced pilots. 180 size quadcopter are popular due to it have great fun to fly indoor as well as outdoor, and powerful allow you to perform crazy acro moves. That is why I make this article introduce how to match the best 180 frame and share my select experience on here.

Frist, before you getting to build it, you should know how the components work with each others and which parts of motor / props / battery would be an excellent math with 180 quad frame? That’s very important.

Best 180 quadcopter frame
Best 180 quadcopter frame

Excellent Match With 180 Quadcopter Frame

I research and test and found that below is a best matching relation between the 180 fpv frame, motor and battery.

The most commonly used mini motors on the 180 quad frame are from 1960kv to 3100kv, such as Sunnysky 1306 3100kv, Cobra 2204 2300KV, EMAX 1806 2300KV and Cobra 2204 1960KV etc.

About props, we tested a few popular propellers on these favourite mini quadcopter motors, and found that we are using 4 inch props with good performance result.

About battery, capacity from 850mah to 1300mah 3s or 4s are available, choosing the high C battery can more power to make more thrust and efficient lifting more weight (camera, led, sticker etc.) for your fpv 180mm.

Testing Thrust data chart with 180 quad frame

MotorsPropsThrust(g)Current(A)Max Power(W)Efficiency(g/W)
1306 3100KV404536910.8172.92.1
1806 2300KV40453196.6105.33.1
2204 2300KV40453616.7107.93.2
2204 1960KV40452845.892.53.3

I used the same lipo 4s and props 4045 carbon with different brands different kv size to test on 180 drone, as you see above chart, all of them work well. I also test the drone with 5 inch (5030) as well as 4 inch. But 5 inch props get more thrust and efficiency when you put the electricity equal to even less than the current which used in 4 inch.

Test results on 180 frame in following comparison table,

MotorsPropsThrust(g)Current(A)Max Power(W)Efficiency(g/W)
1306 3100KV404537216.3258.11.5
1306 3100KV503053814.31229.32.5

180 Frame Racing FPV Building List

180 quadcopter frame180 quadcopter frame85 gGet It Now
Naze32 Rev6 FCNaze32 Rev6 FC5 gGet It Now
power distribution boardPDB6 gGet It Now
Cobra 2204 1960Kv MotorCobra 2204 1960Kv Motor24.6 gGet It Now
HQ 4045 propsHQ 4045 props/Get It Now
DYS SN20A EscsDYS SN20A Escs6g/pcsGet It Now
DSMX 2.4 GHz receiverDSMX 2.4 GHz receiver2.5gGet It Now
5.8G Transmitter TX5.8G Transmitter TX6gGet It Now
Lipo 1300mAh 75C 4SLipo 1300mAh 75C 4S155gGet It Now
GoPro HERO3+GoPro HERO3+ camera635gGet It Now

Above combination of building 180mm drone, was suggested by experienced pilot Nate. After much research and comparing other 180 quadcopter frames, decide to choose this FRAME 180 as the frame, which is better than other frames, such as Nero 180, Armattan 180, Tweaker 180 etc.

Previously, I posted the article about drone building guide: Main FPV Drone Parts List You Need When You Building 250 FPV Drone, Maybe helpful for you.

Motors, flight controller, Escs, Battery etc, all of them were chose by making well-thought-out decisions based on careful analysis of all factors.

Video credit: Guerilla FPV

Like anything, practice makes perfect. After building it with 180 quadcopter frame, a beautiful design and best fpv drone is present to our eye. Awesome!

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