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Best 12A ESC For FPV Quadcopter

Are you looking for the best 12A ESC for your 18mm-250mm FPV quadcopter? It’s time to showcase the top seller ESCS on the market.

What’s the best? In my opinion the best mean that when put it in the right place on quadcopter, it will be matching all the components of quadcopter and take the full advantage have optimum integrated performance of your models.

For this reason, it is necessary to recommend top five 12A ESCS on here, helping you to choose the right one. Although there are numbered lists base on which features and rates pilots like in particular category, but I highly reommend them because they are over value for your money.

What’s RC models the 12A ESC suited for?

A massive amount pilots have many different reasons tend to choose 12A ESC, some of the more popular reasons including for quad250 FPV.

As we know, 12A ESC have widespread various uses for the FPV from 180mm to 300mm , For quadcopter frame, 12A ESC is suited for 180mm 210mm 220mm 250mm 300mm Size RC Quadcopter Drone Multirotor. For matching props, 4 inch – 6 inch size props are good for 12A ESC. For matching your motors, 1806kv –2208kv and 2300kv-2600kv are suitable. For lipo battery, from 100mah 3s 4s to 2200 3s 4s lipo battery can match with 12A ESC.

Which is the best 12a ESC?

Best ESCFirmwareCircuitTypesWeightPrice
BW 12ASimonKBECBrushless9g$
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Emax 4x 12ASimonKBECBrushless9g$
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GoolRC 4x 12ABLHeliBECBrushless8g$
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Hobbypower 4x 12ASimonkBECBrushless12g$
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4x 15A ESC
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Above is list of best 12A ESC you can find out there are the most popular ESC for sale right now. please note that the price and stock may change at any time, therefore click on “Buy Now” to see the current pricing and availability. If you do not know what’s differences between Simonk and BLHeli , check out this article blheli vs simonk vs kiss. After that, you can come back to this page with top five 12A ESC recommend.

1. BW 12A ESC with SimonK Firmware and BEC

BW® 12A Brushless Speed Controller
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Frist, I highly recommend BW 12A brushless ESC to you, although it’s not the top one on the market, but have many reasons to recommend it, not just the best price only $11.87, but the features as well as following:

  • SimonK 12A Brushless ESC Electronic Governor Supports 1-3S Small Axis
  • This speed controller comes with pre-installed SimonK firmware for optimal response in your RC models.
  • With low voltage protection, over temperature protection, and other functions on the Power On Self Test
  • Separate power supply for MCU and BEC, enhancing the ESC’s ability of eliminating magnetic interference.
  • Equipped with bulit-in linear BEC or switch BEC, BEC Output: 1A/5V

Before Choosing esc for quadcopter, there are many factors you should consider including your motor max amp rating , voltage from battery and weight.

BW 12A ESC support battery from 1-3 cells, output current is 12A continuous and 15A burst, enough for your 250mm quadcopter. It’s weighted only 9g, mean that 4*packs total weight is very lightly only 36g. Reduce your quadcopter weight can increase flight times. Therefore it’s certainly worth buying them.


  1. With low voltage protection, over temperature protection.
  2. Throttle range can be configured to be compatible with different receivers .
  3. Weight only 9g is good for 250 FPV quadcopter.


  1. Not Recommended for Direct Soldering Your Motors .

2. Emax SimonK 12A Brushless ESC

4x Emax SimonK 12A Brushless ESC
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As we know, you should need at least 4 ESC for one quadcopter, you probably get some discount price for order 4 ESC outright. Right now, I want to recommend the 4x Emax SimonK 12A Brushless ESC Speed Controller for you, this ESC is suited For FPV QAV250 200 Multi-rotor. They can handle 4s as long as you don’t use the BEC to power your flight controller.

Based on Simonk Firmware, Further Optimized to the Perfect Drive Performance and Can be Flashed with Blheli Firmware.

Quicker Throttle Response and Better Throttle Linear.

The price is one of important factors for choosing your 12A ESC, especially for the beginners who have limit budget, 4x Emax SimonK 12A Brushless ESC’s price is 27.99$, average price is only $7 per ESC. May Emax SimonK 12A Brushless ESC is the cheappest ESC on the market, but their performances not a halfpenny the worse. So it’s also certainly worth them.


  1. Come with a paper that tells you how to program them, very friendly!
  2. Once you get the hang of programming them using the beep beeps it’s easy.
  3. Very small/lightweight, one ESC’s price only $7.


  1. Some time send the wrong numbers ESC for your order.

3. GoolRC 12A Brushless BLHeli ESC with 5V/1A BEC

GoolRC 4 Pcs 12A Brushless BLHeli ESC
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Another ESC brand which GoolRc is recommend to you, GoolRC 4 Pcs 12A Brushless BLHeli ESC Electronic Speed Controller with 5V/1A BEC suit for QAV250 racing quadcopter, Power supply 2-4S LiPo battery, weight is very light only 8g.

  • Support frequency of throttle signal up to 500Hz
  • Smooth, linear, quick and precise throttle response
  • Compatible with various flight-control systems
  • Use BLHeli open-source firmware, can update the firmware via signal cable
  • Support regular signal-receiving mode and Oneshot 125 signal-receiving mode

Everyone have differences ways for wanting one over other. The most popular way is that pick up a good base on the product’s reviews. It’s very strange and hard to believe that can’t not found out any bad reviews on all reviews by the buyers. It mean that it’s great for you.


  1. Good qaulity and price.Excellent regulators small and powerful.
  2. Works great as expected. no need to upgrade to better ones.
  3. The quality looks good.


  1. Can’t find anything errors with this ESC, only that It’s often out of stock.

4. Hobbypower Simonk 12A Brushless ESC

Hobbypower Simonk 12A Brushless ESC
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There are massive amount sellers would like to sell esc with 4 packs, Hobbypower is the same. Hobbypower Simonk 4*12A Brushless Speed Controller ESC for 220-300 Size Quadcopter.


  • The power input uses extreme low output resistance greatly enhance the power stability, and has the protective effect on the battery.
  • Safety electrical function: when the power is turned on, regardless of the throttle stick in any position does not start the motor immediately, to avoid personal injury.
  • Supported motor speed (Maximum): 210000 RPM (2 poles), 70000 RPM (6 poles), 35000 RPM (12 poles).

If you are familiar with RC hobby, you have already known the Hobbypower, which is a RC brand that I have found trustworthy. I know it’s Simonk 12A Brushless ESC is perfect good, you can try them and worth buying.


  1. Separately voltage regulator IC for microprocessor. providing good anti-jamming capability.
  2. They have worked flawlessly on this little quad racer.


  1. Shorts in the wires

5. HOBBYMATE Quadcopter Kit Combo 2204 2300KV Plus Upgrade 15A ESC

Quadcopter Kit Combo 2204 2300KV Plus Upgrade 15A ESC
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If you want to bulid a quadcopter but haven’t already know how to choose the motors and ESCS, how to match them? Tell you the best way that purchase a quadcopter combo kit include motors and escs even more parts. Therefore I highly recommend a quadcopter kit combo to you: Quadcopter Kit Combo 2204 2300KV Plus Upgrade 15A ESC.


  • Hobbymate 2204 Motors : Air suction system design, rapid cooling, higher efficiency and longer life U clip prevents bearing from loosening Original Japanese bearings, no counterfeit bearings from any other source High precision CNC machining exquisite design, stern quality control revealing the user taste and position
  • Hobbymate 15A BLheli ESCs : Support OneShot ultra-high speed control and Bi-directional rotating. All N-FET design with external oscillator for steady performance across different thermal and voltage conditions.
  • Hobbymate Upgrade 15A BLheli ESCs, bootloader, Based on BLHeli firmware with low voltage protection, over heat protection and self check functions Works with 2S to 4S input – Rated at 15A continuous and 25A burst

Right now, there are a ton of quadcopter kits for sale, but Hobbymate 2204 2300KV Plus Upgrade 15A ESC is one of best combos. It’s very reliable. Not only me a lot of pilots would like to purchase them, It’s super easy to set up and use. Buy it there won’t be wrong.

  1. Perfect for FPV QAV Quadcopters 180 210 250 size and other small drone
  2. Light weight built
  3. Longer duration of flight
  4. For the price they are impossible to beat!


  1. The shafts seem to be too tight

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