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Battery Discharge Rate Calculator Formula

You should know the Battery Discharge Rate Calculator and target load current before choosing the right lipo battery for your drone and RC hobby, as it can greatly impact performance.

Battery Discharge Rate Calculator
Battery Discharge Rate Calculator

Previously, I posted an article about How to calculate quadcopter flight time, there are many factors impact the flight time, on of the factors is battery discharge rate. Therefore, in this article will tell you the formula about how to catelate battery discharge rate.

First, you should know what’s the discharge rate and what’s the relationship to C-rate?

What’s The Discharge Rate?

We should keep in our mind that choosing the right parameters (such as capacity, C-rate, voltage etc.) of battery for drone, after knowing how many discharge rate will need and you should clearly know what’s mean.

Like almost brand’s battery, discharge rate is defined by the letter “C”. 2200mah 30C is means that 30C is the niminal discharge rate. In order to protect your battery life time, you should stay on or below the niminal discharge rate level.

Another concept is the peak discharge rate, which mean the maximun burst discharge rate. Its value is twice that of niminal discharge rate.

Battery Discharge Rate Calculator Formula

There are two factors (capacity and C-rate) you should know, before you calculating the discharge rate.

You can very easy to get these factors from the label of battery (Show as following image).

Battery Label Show
Battery Label Show

This is a formula:

Battery Discharge Rate = Capacity (Ah) * C-rate (C)

For example,

A 4S 1300maH 45C LiPo pack: 1300mAh x 45C = 58500 mAh discharge rate 58500 mAh / 1000 = 58.5 Ampere constant discharge rate.

It mean that can only handle an amp draw of 58.5A at max. It’s very important for you when comparing target load current and the battery discharge rate. In short, my principle is that discharge rate is greater than target current but not too higher. Want to know more about how to choose battery for RC or Drone? please click here: Best drone battery choosing guide .

The best multimeter to measure Battery Discharge Rate

In order to more accurately meausre the battery discharge rate, I suggest that use the professional tool to help. Below product is a great tool to measure the battery discharge rate.

Justech BM4070 LCR meter multimeter

BM4070 multimeter is inductance, capacitance and resistance measuring meter,it is a Special digital instrument which is easy to be operated, the reading accuracy degree is higher with liquid crystal display 3 1/2. This multimeter adopted double integral A/D converter core and a large-scale integrated circuits,these make the multimeter an excellent performance instrument for the users.

After you knowing battery discharge rate calculator formula, it become very easy to find just about whatever battery you want, never too high, and never getting too low either. Too low can not to reach your standard current to hamper performance, too high to waste your money even burnt and kill other parts.

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