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Aircraft lipo battery shipping regulations and How to solve the traveling problem

If you have many aircraft lipo batteries and have to transport them when you will participate in one event which have to travel to.how to ship batteries? Here some lipo battery shipping regulations share to you.

The problem of go aboard with aircraft lipo batteries

How many aircraft lipo batteries can bring with?

Combined with China’s major airlines airport security requirements:

If battery energy is less than 100wh , you can carry two or more batteries without reporting; when 100wh < energy < 160wh , you can take only two batteries, and need to delare to the airlines when check-in at the counter , to obtain a license voucher .

If Energy surpass 160wh ,you can’t take it to aircraft; such as: DJI S1000 + , even with the smallest adaptable capacity , tattu 10000mAh lipo battery,it’s energy is 222wh, far higher than the upper limit of 160wh , can not take it to aircraft. So we recommend it’s better to mail to the destination at least five days in advance .

lipo battery shipping regulations

Please also notice:

The Lithium battery are using metal active material, high temperature spontaneous combustion or a short circuit spontaneous combustion and other accidents may occur during the flight. Therefore, lithium batteries must let go of power before boarding. And make sure the battery was insulated in advance , Seal the battery positive and negative interface with an insulating rubber.

Remote control can not be checked, what should I do?

When checking , the security staff pointed out aircraft remote control contains a lithium battery thus can not be checked, there are two ways:

  • Remove the battery out of the remote control;
  • Please call the big boss who is in charge of the checkpoint, try and explain that the battery of the remote control is a built-in battery and can not be removed,and you can ask him to carry out safety checks to the remote control.

How to count the excess baggage charges?

When the baggage weight exceeds the shipping weight stipulated by the airline (China flights, free shipping weight 20kg per person), you need to pay excess baggage charges.

Excess baggage fee calculation formula:
Excess baggage charge = [total shipping weight (kg) – the number of trips * 20 (kg)] *Adult full price ticket * 1.5%

How to solve the problem that batteries and other equipment can not travel with the team ?

1. Delivery in advance

If the battery energy surpass the transportation standard of the airlines, you can express to the destination in advance.

Be noticed that land transportation for battery is slow(such as Beijing to Dali ,Yunnan the transportation time takes about 5 days), please send in advance and you’d better select a large and reliable courier company.

lipo battery shipping regulation

2. Courier company refuse to accept the battery.

After return from aerial location, it’s better to leave half a day to deal with the battery mail issue.

For small cities, Courier company companies may not do the battery business. In this case, you can try to complaints about the courier companies (note: Complaint to the head office, rather than the local branch), try to tell the staff there that the battery was mailed in accordance with the policy of courier company, Let they mail back the battery in accordance with company policy.

When the complaint reached the local branch from the head office,they will pay more attention to this issue. Even if the express outlets can not receive the battery, the customer service staff will recommend you go to a local heavy goods warehouse to mail battery.

3. The Sender’s information is very important

Before mailing, make sure the sender’s address and contact telephone number are correct ,because once there’s problem occur during transportating,and can not pass through security, the battery will be returned to sender.

Mail back the battery from the aerial location is in the same situation. You need to find a local person to act as a Sender , once there’s problem occurs,the battery will return to the sender, no one will lost their battery.

4. Borrow or rent battery

You can also contact your local aerial shooting team, if they happen to have the same type aircraft battery, you can borrow or rent from them.

When travel with UAVs , we should have a sense of security , start from details, abide by relevant regulations of the local airport and airlines consciously .

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