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2 ways for quadcopter balancing including props and motors – diy quadcopter

After you finish tobuild a quadcopter, quadcopter balancing still need a lots of works to do. Quadcopter balancing props , motors and how to balance quadcopter ? If do not know, you come to the right place. Here will tell you why and some tips for balance quadcopter etc.

Why need to balance quadcopter?

quadcopter balancingIf you plan to shoot aerial video or take pictures, this becomes even more relevant because a quadcopter with non-balanced blades with have a lot of jello, which is something you want to stay away from if you want good video, Model aircraft are very sensitive to their point of balance, but maybe you did not realize quadcopters had a similar tendency. For this reason quadcopter have to balance.

If your quadcopter, properly calibrated with the trims set at 0, tends to go forward or backward slowly after takeoff in Stabilize mode, you are likely nose (forward movement) or tail (backward) heavy. If your quadcopter is not symmetrically built (left to right across the centerline), you could also see a consistent movement left or right. The appearances show that your quadcopter will need to balance.

Quadcopter balancing props

A long time ago, I had post one article about how to balance props quadcopter via blade balancer. There are two ways shaving off your blades via sandpaper and adjustment to the tape method.If your quadcopter have this problem, you should click that link to read it.

Quadcopter balancing motors

My way of balancing quadcopter motors. Using tape, iPhone, and iSeismomotor app. It is a slow process, but for multicopter platforms quite useful process. Start with marking the motor with Sharpie marker, run the motor, check the vibes. put a piece of blenderm or any other clear tape, and run the motor again. Something like you see in the video below (Video by pajonate).

How to balance quadcopter?

The main solution is to move equipment to counteract the imbalance.

One way of quadcopter balancing, The battery is usually the easiest thing to move. Move the quadcopter battery back if you wander forward, or move the battery forward if you wander backward. Mark the battery’s new position with masking tape. Try another test hop, see if the quad will hover in one place. If yes, the balance is OK. (By Mark Whitton)

Other way of quadcopter balancing, You may have to do this for different configurations, like with and without camera, so you would have two markings for where to put the battery.

This is initial testing of the PID algorithm on a balance beam test rig. Still needs a lot of work. watch this video by Joseph Monti as blow.

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