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Which is Better an RC Drone or RC Helicopter?

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Would you buy an RC drone or Helicopter? I mean, it’s clear that both are beasts of flight, right? While these two may sound similar, they have few striking differences that should help you to pick the best.

Before I got my first remote controlled flying device, I had a rather tough time. Even so, I realized that factors such as design and performance are some of the distinguishing features. Eventually, by going through various drone and RC helicopter reviews, I got the best RC device for myself.

Here’s all you’ll need to know about these two RC gadgets:

What Is An RC Helicopter?


RC Helicopter

It’s easy to identify these devices because of their unique designs. They have one propeller at the top and another at the end of the tail. Helicopters were a crucial part of my childhood because they appeared in almost all action movies and car chases. Nowadays, it’s easy to see a helicopter cruising near large cities. We use helicopters to move products quickly and to ‘hop’ from one destination to another.

When it comes to remote controlled helicopters, I found that they are made from light-weight materials. Once I took mine for a test ‘drive’ I saw that it was prone to unnecessary gyrations. However, there are other models with a well-equipped video feed which shows navigational data but lack practical use.

Despite some of these disadvantages, RC helicopters are available if you have a decent budget. You can get them from RC stores, or sites like eBay. Remember that to get the best you’ll have to sample different designs.


What Is An RC Drone?

What Is An RC Drone

A remote control drone is quite similar to an RC helicopter considering their operation. I found that it can hover just like a helicopter. The difference comes in its control and its specific functions. Flying a drone is even more exciting considering how the real models are used. These devices inspect pipelines and take part in military activities.

Therefore, operating an RC drone is one of the coolest things that you’ll ever do.

They come in different sizes and can handle both non-lethal and lethal loads. They are cost-efficient, long-lasting and have improved technology to perform challenging operations. So, an RC helicopter does not give the same exciting performance like that of an RC drone.

People are purchasing more drones today meaning that the devices are slowly growing in popularity. They look more modern than any other remote-controlled machine, and they are even faster! I also need to mention that buying an RC drone means that you’ll stand out from anyone in your RC group. I went through various designs before I arrived at the best. From the 7CH FreeX SkyView to the X5C, this RC world wants to make sure that you walk out with the best product.


Why Do I Prefer RC Drones To RC Helicopters?

Of course, remote control drones are far better than the helicopters. They are faster and more stylish in design. They are sleek compared to RC helicopters, and I just love the way they look as they fly through the sky. Last but not least, they are more aerodynamic which makes them move at shocking speeds.

So, which model suits you best? Although I admire RC drones, helicopters are also impressive devices. They are more affordable and easily accessible. So take time before choosing the right one for you. You wouldn’t want to regret your purchase!

This article  was written from guest post by Tom, Thank you very much.
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  1. Tommy

    November 18, 2017 at 1:06 am

    Thank you for your suggestion, I like drone also have rc heli though drone is more popular than heli. RC Drone vs RC Helicopter, RC heli are controlled by remotes control devices and drones are much complex contraptions and to steering. Whenever I like both of them.


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