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How much weight can a quadcopter carry?

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how much weight can a quadcopter carryAs a beginner or looking for the right quadcopter for working, maybe have a question is that how much weight can a quadcopter carry?

Obvsiously, there is no one answer for this question, and we couldn’t answer directly, but we collected various quadcopters and maked a table chart for you.

For helping you to find the correct quadcopter, we also will tell you how to calculate the quadcopter carry weight.

How much weight can a quadcopter carry?

There are some many drones in the market, to easily figure out how much can a quadcopter lift? Some famous drones ( including for Surverying, Agriculture and aerial photography ) were collected and organized into a comparision table of carry
weight as below.

Application Brands Drones Motors Weight Carry
AP DJI Inspire 3510 3KG /
AP DJI phantom2 2312/960KV 1KG 1.3KG
AP DJI phantom3 2312/960KV 1.3KG 1.3KG
AP DJI S1000 4114/500W 4.2KG 6-11KG
AP DJI S1000+ 4114/500W 4.4KG 6KG-11KG
AP DJI S800 4114/500W 3.3KG 4.7-8.2KG
AP Yuneec Q500 KV700 1.1KG 1.7KG
AP Walkera Scout X4 WK-WS-34-002 1.77KG 2.3KG
AP Walkera TALI H500 WK-WS-34-001 / 2.5KG
AP Walkera QR X350PRO WK-WS-28-008C / 1.3KG
AP Walkera QR X800 WK-WS-48-001 / 3.9KG
Agriculture TXC TXC16-10 7015
30KG 20KG
Agriculture SW SW1800ZB 5400W 20KG 8-10KG
Surverying microdrones md4-200 15.5N 800g 394g
Surverying Trimble ZX5 6 brushless motor 2.7KG 2.3kg

How to calculate the quadcopter carry weight?

If you plan to build a quadcopter, it’s very necessary to know the calculator formula about quadcopter carry weight as below,

Quadcopter carry weight = ( Motor Thrust * Num of Motors *Hover Throttle % ) – The weight of the craft itself.

How it work? You could check this post Simple formula about quadcopter weight calculator and thrust calculator.


Aerial photography (AP) quadcopters load more capacity than surverying, but quadcopters for agriculture are load max capacity which is up to 20KG even more.

All quadcopters for aerial photography carry capacity are not too much between 1kg and 4KG, except DJI professional AP quadcopters such as S1000+.

The more carry capacity require bigger motor, propeller and ESC to work.

Now do you know how much weight can a quadcopter carry? if not, you could leave your messages on here, that’s welcome.

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