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Highest quadcopter flight and law rules limit – Diy quadcopter

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When have your won quadcopter, you will find a place to fly it and want to know highest quadcopter flight of your quadcopter or the limiting high of law rules, Here are collected some informaions about hightest flight, after reading it you will get it.

highest quadcopter flightHow high can a quadcopter fly?

A big quad would probably have a hard time getting above 10k ft.I never heard of a quad making it beyond 20000 ft.

A Phantom 3 can fly for up to 23min and have a range of up to 3.1 miles round trip under ideal conditions.

For more easily and clearly to know how high can a quadcopter fly, I had maked a comparision table, some popular quadcopters were listed on table, as below.

Quadcopter  Flight time Max Transmission Distance Max Flying Height
INSPIRE 2 27 minutes 4.3 miles 3.1 miles (5000m)
PHANTOM 4 28 minutes 3.1 miles 6000m
Phantom 3 23 minutes 5 km or 3.1 miles 6000 m
Q500-4k 25 minutes 800m (2624.67 ft) 400ft(122m)
Typhoon 25 minutes 1.6km/1 mile 122m(400ft)

Limiting factors about highest quadcopter flight

There are lots of factors, depending on the radio conditions, lipo battery, wind, line of sight and a few other factors. Taj Bennit consider that there are three main limiting factors for fly a quadcopter as below:

  • battery life, Battery consumption is rough when climbing. However, they are capable of climbing much higher but you will give up range because vertical lift will use a lot of the battery power.
  • RTL settings (if it looses transmitter connectivity ~1.5 miles typically it will return to takeover location. This can be disabled)
  • Most software only supports 30 miles of range.

The limiting flight high of law rules

There are some rules for fly quadcopter, so it is important that you make yourself aware of them before flying your quadcopter.

In the United States, there are two sets of regulations governing launching and tracking high-altitude weather balloons. One is FCC the other is FAA.

FAA rules State that you can fly no higher than 400 feet no farther than line of sight.

In the China, Below 7 kg, limits fly 120 meters and 500 meters within the scope of visual.

In terms of consumer drones, the maximum range is currently about 6 miles total. But the legal flying altitude for drones in most countries is 120 meters (400 feet).

Tips about highest quadcopter flight

Typically the answer is line of sight. Most people would not fly more than half a mile or even out of line of sight.

For safety reasons, Make sure you fly responsibly and stay within legal limits (400ft) especially if you are in populated areas.

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