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Full FPV Experience – Drone Building Guide (Sections 4)

More people are becoming professional racers and are becoming very adept at fast racing, therefore below equipment can help you to reach full FPV experience.


RunCam FPV Camera

Once you have a drone, you probably want to capture the best possible footage.

This camera keeps 600TVL resolution and excellent color rendition, supporting 5 to 17V operating voltage.

RunCam camera makes the top-of-the-line action cameras and is light enough for a drone.


Spotlight LED

This headlight features 1.5W bulb, suitable for night flying for QAV250, Tarot 250, ARRIS FPV 250, F450, F550 etc. With this LED lamp, you could also have better control of orientation.

If you lost your quadcopter, the bright light would be perfect when looking for it. It gives off a very bright light when flying from eye level.


Receiver Controlled Light Switch

Transmitter controlled LED switch A specific type of electronic switch is capable of turning on and off accessories.

Plug it into your receiver and you instantly have an on/off switch controlled by any channel on your radio.

The possibilities are endless!




FPV designed to fly much more quickly – around 80 miles per hour!

More people are becoming professional racers and are becoming very adept at fast racing.

FPV means the pilot wears goggles with a video screen so that he or she literally can see what the drone is seeing.

If you are planning to start participating in this exciting game of drone racing, it is of vital important for you to first lay your eyes on a good FPV goggles.


Receiver Antenna

You need to ensure that our antennas have sufficient frequencies in order to be able to capture quality images.

These upgraded antennas will give you greater FPV range. The transmitter uses the 5.8ghz band, which is standard for FPV systems.

These antennas screw into the same coaxial cable port and can broadcast with increased range or directionality.



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