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Simple formula about quadcopter weight calculator and thrust calculator

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If you have a micro quadcopter but really getting interested in the lifing capabilities of quadcopter and plane to build your own quadcoper.

Maybe you have some questions about quadcopter weight calculator and thrust calculator? and what’s kind motors and propellers would I have to buy and be able to lfit?

Today I will show you a simple way about quadcopter weight calculator and quadcopter thrust calculator, If you are interested, go ahead.

quadcopter weight calculatorRecently, I browsed some forums and found that there are so many questions to ask about how to calculate the lifting ability and thrust of quadcopter, As might be expected, the response to the question was very mixed. Some ways are very complex.

Some one said :” It’s pretty easy and works like a treat . Take the thrust motor combo. Bolt it down onto a weighing scale. Set the scale to 0. Start the motor( make sure the props are producing upward thrust. Now take readings.”

Yes, This is one easy way to calculate. Another way is as below.

Quadcopter weight calculator formula

IF A= Motor Thrust , B= Num of Motors, C= the weight of the craft itself, D= Hover Throttle % .

So, Payload Capacity = ( A * B *D) – C.

1.  Keep in mind that for an agile aircraft you generally you want it to hover at 50% throttle or lower.

2.You can start by looking up the thrust data for your motors if you already have an idea of what you want to use.

 For example 

If you want to bulid a quadcopter, choose LDPOWER MT2312-960KV Brushless Multicopter Motor and the weight of the craft itself is 1KG. 3s Lipo battery propos is 9443 and throttle is 75%

So Payload Capacity = ( A * B *D) – C =(542G*4)-1KG = 1.168KG

It’s in close proximity to phantom 2 Payload Capacity (1.3KG).

MT2312-960KV Motor Thrust Data

Volts   Props   Throttle   Amps   Watts     RPM   Thrust (g)
11.1    9443        30%            1.8       21.78     4780   187
11.1    9443        45%            3.2       38.72     5811   282
11.1    9443        65%           5.6       67.76     6906   438
11.1    9443        75%           7.6       91.96     7676   542
11.1    9443        100%        11.2     135.52   8498   706
11.1    10*5         30%          1.3       15.73     3821   108
11.1    10*5         45%          3.4       41.14     5385   285
11.1    10*5         65%          10.8     130.68    7985   661
11.1    10*5         75%          12.4     150.04    8313   737
11.1    10*5        100%        12.4     150.04    8325   734

Quadcopter thrust calculator

Or, if you don’t know what you want to use yet you can flip the equation around and figure out your thrust requirements for each motor based on what it is you think you want to lift:

IF F= Payload Capacity ,B= Num of Motors, C= the weight of the craft itself, D= Hover Throttle % .

Motor Thrust = ((1/D) * (F + C)) / B


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Simple way about quadcopter weight calculator and thrust calculator are very simplistic calculator base on steady hover, but theoretical calculation is enough for you to bulid a quadcopter.

If you have some stories about it, leave your comments.

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